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Friday, December 22, 2006

"the party season"

the time between thanks giving thanksgiving & new year's seems to be the party season. you have a holiday party, your work has one, your significant other's work has one, your friends all have one, so on & so forth. at most, if not all of these parties there will be drinking of alcoholic beverages.
you know what's coming.
don't drink & drive. you hear it all of the time, but it's true. and now you hear that "buzzed" driving is just as bad. so please do everyone on the road a big favor, get a designated driver or a cab. many lives could depend on it.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


if thanksgiving is the glutton holiday, then christmas is the greed holiday.
it seams to be all about "me" "what did you buy me." "what are you getting me." "how dare you say "merry christmas" to me?!"
that last one really bugs me. (there's that word again, excuse mmm......myself) there are worse things to say to someone than "merry christmas". several have been said to me. it's suppose to be in "the spirit" of the season to wish that someone have a nice season. my advice: get your shorts out of a bunch & accept that phrase in the spirit the (hopefully) it was given.
oh yeah. merry christmas, happy chanukah, happy kwanzaa, a joyful winter solstice & a happy new year too.
you know i got off topic here.
greed it's a sin (1 of 7 deadly ones) so in this season of giving please remember to give to others who might not have so much. some money to a food bank, a few new unwrapped toys for your local toy-drive or some loose change in that famous red kettle could do a lot to brighten someone's holiday this year.

that my social comment for the day. possibly for the week too.