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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


well tonight is halloween (but you knew that) i hope you had fun & made it through safely. i'd post a history of the holiday, but you can google that yourself.
the dentists say you should wait to until your kid(s) is(are) asleep & go through the goody bag(s) {assuming there's anything left} and take out any gooey, sticky or hard candy. i see 2 things wrong with that:
  1. most every candy is gooey, sticky or hard
  2. your kid(s) will be upset to learn that about half of the candy is gone
anyway; tomorrow you'll clean the TP of your house & trees, then start planning your costume for next year's blow-out halloween bash. and begin thinking about thanksgiving.

Monday, October 30, 2006

stargate sg-1

it's occurred to me that my last couple of posts have been somewhat serious. don't get used to that. so lest (it's a word, google it) you think i'm a serous minded woman, i'm about to discuss a less than serious topic.
stargate sg-1.
i know what you're thinking, it's a TV show!!
my response to you: so? and? therefore?
based on the stargate movie (maybe inspired by is a better term) recently canceled {"they" say "non-renewed"} after 10 seasons & over 200 episodes amid much protest from fans & now a recent promise of 2 direct to DVD movies. i didn't see the movie until a couple of years after i started watching the TV show. (not a bad movie) i only started watching because richard dean anderson (macgyver) was in it. the next thing i know, 10 years go by. (give or take, the syndicated episodes are 2 years behind the first aired ones)
the big outcry over the cancellation, (excuse me, non-renewal) in my opinion, was for 2 reasons:
  1. a 11th season was "in the bag" so to speak. everyone was supposedly lined-up. the first time they knew they had another season coming.
  2. it's a good show, well written & acted.
  3. it's stargate.

there's a big letter writing/call in/on-line petition campaign going on. as well as a send in tissue boxes campaign (daniel jackson had allergies early on) i don't know if any of it will help, but it couldn't hurt. there's even a slew (google that too) of "save stargate!" videos on places like this is one of my favorite
no matter what this show will go on in syndication & on DVD
it just occured to me that i've posted every day, don't get used to that either.

EDIT: the vid was removed

Sunday, October 29, 2006

the season for giving

well it's that time of year again, where most of us start thinking about thanksgiving & (gasp!) christmas. i'd just like for you to pause for a moment before you start putting up the decorations & trying to figure out what your uncle wants for a gift.
think about those who have less than you do.
i know. you're thinking "God. not another think about the poor message." but this is whether you like it or not.
the poor are everywhere. they might be a friend or relative or yours. you might be one of the poor some day.
so i'm asking you to give to your local food bank (or turkey fund) this season. it doesn't have to be a lot of money $10 or $20 can help out. or pick up a couple of extra cans of corn or a box of rice at the supermarket when you go. get 1 or 2 different things every week & at the end of the month drop it all off at the local food bank. don't know where it is? look in your local phone book or on this technology called the internet. you'll make someone's holiday better this year. (& every year if you do this yearly)
that's my public service announcement for the day {& possibly for the week}

Saturday, October 28, 2006

daylight savings time ends

daylight savings time ends tonight (i believe) so set all of those clocks & watches back one hour before you go to sleep. {FYI today's the day to change your smoke detector batteries, flip your mattress & rotate your car tiers too}
daylight savings time is a load of crap IMHO. supposedly it was set up to give farmers more time to work. but anyone who knows anything about farmers knows that most get up at dawn, no matter what it says on the clock.
now the government is making the daylight savings time period longer "to save energy". i don't see how. there are about 12 hours of day & 12 hours of night no matter what. it's a bunch of nonsense in my opinion.
and that is my political comment for the day. ( possibly the week too)

Friday, October 27, 2006

first entry

i thought i'd be the only person with internet access with out a "blog".
so how did this happen? i have no friggin' idea. i have a journal i hardly write in any more for crying out loud!
1,000,000 blogs out there & i have to add one more.
what i wonder is why YOU out there read these things?
one thing's almost for certain, this will be the most boring blog you'll ever read