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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


since monday i have had some kind of cold thing in my throat & it hurts. i alternate between sounding like a obscene caller and a teen aged boy who's voice is changing.
it's a good thing i take one-a-day multi vitamin or this would be much worse IMHO

Monday, September 24, 2007

five things #10

Five times Sam dreamed about Daniel.

1. after seeing him in the flag after he de-acended the second time. these were of the x-rated nature.
2. several times when he was ascended the first time. he'd tell her to help jonas adjust to earth.
3. after being injured when the prometheus was attacked & she hallucinated grace. sam had odd dreams about all of sg-1 for a month after that. mostly of jack.
4. while she was working at area-51. she dreamed about their lunches together. sam missed those.
5. the night before she agreed to go to the sgc. she had no idea who he was, but when she saw daniel's picture in his file sam knew she HAD to accept the assignment.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

blog changes

a new banner. a super star destroyer. i don't know where i found it, but it's cool. IMHO

a thing that allows you to find the meaning of any word on this blog. just double-click the word & presto!
several posts now have labels now to find thing more easily. see box on the right. some could be crossed indexed. some quizzes are stargate related & all of the "five things" are.

quiz: which member of the a-team are you?

I am Murdock

They call him "Howling Mad" and with good reason. Once a top notch pilot, the pressures of war left Murdock mad. He is known for his smirk, variety of personas and overall mental instability. When he isn't spending time institutionalized, Murdock is using his flying skills for the A-Team, driving B.A. nuts and talking to his imaginary dog.

Which A-Team member are you???

Friday, September 21, 2007

mom's b-day

it's my mom's birthday!
not saying the number, but it's 2 less than my dad.

much love & happiness mom. *hugs & kisses*

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

five things #9

Five times Jack was glad he wasn't going on missions anymore.

1. when vala stuck around. jack was sure he would've smacked her.
2. the mission with the galarans memory device. there are many things he'd rather forget.
3. when all of those sg teams from other universes came through the gate. jack didn't think he could handle all of those versions of himself. especially those that still had families.
4. dealing with the ori. all of those religious fanatics set his teeth on edge.
5. eating weird food & sucking-up to the leaders of various worlds. actually he still has to do that sometimes in washington d.c.

Monday, September 17, 2007

the emmys

they were on last night, i don't know why i watch these kind of things but yet i do watch.
first; the host (that guy who hosts american idol) did ok, no one wants to do these things anymore. one of the truly thanksless jobs in show business.
second; the set stcked big time. it was "in the round" which meens that the stage is in the middle & everyone has seats around it. the presenters only faced one way. making for a crappy view for those in the back. or as (winner for best actor in a drama) james spader said "i've been to 1,000s of conserts in my life & these are the worse seats i've ever had." the whole thing was suspose to be enviromently friendly. here's an idea; the host said that 65,000 people where there. everyone buys a carbon credit & they don't have to do that crap next year.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

stargate season 10

i have been watching season 10 episodes (thanks to netflix) with my brother. my mom isn't usually interested, but today she watched the last 1/3 of bounty & all of bad guys with us. a few minutes into bad guys she says; "he looks familiar" about ms. i explained he was on an episode of csi: miami & i always point him out as someone from stargate. a few moments latter she remarks again how he looks familiar & asks if any to the actors are from the movie. i explain that daniel is the same character & about the 2 actors/characters who were on the show, but aren't on any more. i also explain the ms was chosen for the part because he looked like james spader. my mom looks at me like that the craziest thing that she ever heard. i then launch into a brief thing of how he tried to sound like him in the early years, but i eventually gave up. i then mention how some fans want ms to be on boston legal as spaders' brother. she looks at me like that's the second craziest thing she's heard, shakes her head and says; "his 4th or 5th cousin maybe"

i posted this on the sg-1 board at & thought it would be an interesting post for here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

five things #8

Five places on Earth that Teal'c wants to visit.

1. vatican city. to see what the big deal is about the pope.
2. hawaii. to see this thing called "a bikini" first-hand.
3. las vegas. because jack says he should go.
4. the library of congress. just so, hopefully, daniel will shut up about it.
5. the swiss alps. because they remind him of a place on his home world.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"that day"

yes, it's september 11th again. a tuesday. the day it happened.
like when j.f.k was shot, everyone remembers where they were when it all happened. i hadn't turned on the tv yet & had just turned it on & saw the news report. i thought it was an accident, the towers being hit. i had heard just a couple of weeks earlier that small planes were having trouble with their gyroscopes or something & were crashing. i couldn't imagine that anyone would do this on propose. i was wrong. as a guy on fox news said: "these bastards knew what they were doing"
we had both televisions on and were going back and fourth between new channels & my brother and i would relay info to each other and our parents. "a plane hit the pentagon!"a plane hit the ground in pennsylvania" "a tower fell!" "now the other one has gone." it got to be too much & we turned the tv off for the rest of the day. some radio stations had the sense to go back to music & one said "the only thing good about today is the weather" network news anchors stayed on the air for days. it wasn't necessary IMHO. nothing wasn't said that couldn't be said by the back-up guy. my brother said that poor peter jennings fell asleep on the air.
almost immediately the conspiracies started. some ridiculous things that i won't repeat here. the worse part, is that these people tried to shove their theories down our throats. for the longest time on youtube there were all of these 9/11 conspiracy vids. some tried to trick you into watching. others said what they were. i watched a brief one once. a guy misspoke in an interview & said a missile hit the pentagon, then he corrected himself and said a plane did. big, fat, hairy deal! he misspoke! this is not "proof" give it up already! i don't think this is "helping the terrorists" but it's not helping anyone else either.
there is some good from this; people are now dooing good deeds on this day, but you should do that every day IMHO.
the story

Monday, September 10, 2007

five things #7

Five reasons Vala envies Sam.

1. sam is confident in her abilities & knowledge.
2. she is cool under pressure.
3. she is able to form lasting friendships with people.
4. people admire sam.
5. she's blond. vala knows this is a stupid reason to envy someone, but she can't help it.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

quiz: which star trek captain are you?

You scored as Jean-Luc Picard, You're the thinking man, Captain Picard! You are solitary and intellectual but can be daring and exciting in your own way. You will probably go bald, get assimilated by the Borg and smash a glass cabinet of little ships sometime in the future...

Jean-Luc Picard


Kathryn Janeway


Benjamin Sisko


James T Kirk


Which Star Trek captain are you?
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

five things #6

Five odd jobs Jack had when he was a teenager, and how the experiences came in handy when he was on SG-1.

age 13: delivering newspapers. it helped him become an early-riser & to keep going no matter what. through bad weather & even when he didn't feel like it.
age 15: sweeping up hair in a barbershop. he learned to keep his ears open. that ANY piece of info could be important, no matter how insignificant it seemed when he first heard it.
age 16: doing odd-jobs at a veterinary clinic. it helped him to adjust to death. not necessarily to accept it, just to understand that's it's a part of life.
age 18: delivering pizzas. he learned about human nature. to watch for people trying to stiff you on the price & who would be the big tippers.
age 19: busing tables at a nightclub. he got his sense of humor by watching the stand-up comics. he learned how to fight by dealing with the drunks on the bouncer's night off.

Monday, September 03, 2007

labor day

i hope everyone had a nice & safe holiday.
tomorrow a big day IMHO.
  1. whoopie is on the view
  2. new five things are revealed ( i did 3 "prompts")
watch this blog for comments on both.