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Monday, September 24, 2007

five things #10

Five times Sam dreamed about Daniel.

1. after seeing him in the flag after he de-acended the second time. these were of the x-rated nature.
2. several times when he was ascended the first time. he'd tell her to help jonas adjust to earth.
3. after being injured when the prometheus was attacked & she hallucinated grace. sam had odd dreams about all of sg-1 for a month after that. mostly of jack.
4. while she was working at area-51. she dreamed about their lunches together. sam missed those.
5. the night before she agreed to go to the sgc. she had no idea who he was, but when she saw daniel's picture in his file sam knew she HAD to accept the assignment.

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Anonymous said...

i love all of these, but this is the best IMHO