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Saturday, September 15, 2007

stargate season 10

i have been watching season 10 episodes (thanks to netflix) with my brother. my mom isn't usually interested, but today she watched the last 1/3 of bounty & all of bad guys with us. a few minutes into bad guys she says; "he looks familiar" about ms. i explained he was on an episode of csi: miami & i always point him out as someone from stargate. a few moments latter she remarks again how he looks familiar & asks if any to the actors are from the movie. i explain that daniel is the same character & about the 2 actors/characters who were on the show, but aren't on any more. i also explain the ms was chosen for the part because he looked like james spader. my mom looks at me like that the craziest thing that she ever heard. i then launch into a brief thing of how he tried to sound like him in the early years, but i eventually gave up. i then mention how some fans want ms to be on boston legal as spaders' brother. she looks at me like that's the second craziest thing she's heard, shakes her head and says; "his 4th or 5th cousin maybe"

i posted this on the sg-1 board at & thought it would be an interesting post for here.

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