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Sunday, March 31, 2013

what kind of gambling are you?

You Are Bingo
You are easy going and popular. You have a lot of friends in your life.
You are a social person and you enjoy camaraderie. You prefer to do most things with a group of fun people.

You love conversation, and you're happy to chat with almost anyone. You simply like people.
Old friends appreciate your loyalty and good advice. New friends appreciate how friendly you are.
that is so not me.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

five thing #175

Five human customs Teal'c doesn't understand

 hugging as a greeting. teal'c sees nothing wrong with hugs, he likes hugs. if he knows the person well.

housewarming parties. is the idea for one to show off one's house? and you're often expected to give a gift of something for the house. when, very often, teal'c thinks the person has enough things.

teal'c doesn't understand most of the customs at weddings. "giving away the bride", the tossing of the bouquet/garter & the couple smashing cake in each others faces. daniel explains the historical significance of most things, but is kind of baffled by the cake thing himself.

he's a little fuzzy on the fine points of tipping. teal'c agrees that a little something extra should be given for good work, but doesn't understand why it should be a certain percent of a restaurant bill.

christening a ship. he understands that people want the ship to stay afloat & all the people who sail on her to be safe. but he thinks the champagne should be drunk by the people present, not smashed against the side of the vessel.

Monday, March 25, 2013

spring is in the air?

spring officaly started on march 21, but there is little sign of it here.
cold & snow for the next several days. we had some spring-like weather several weeks ago, a preview for the real thing i guess.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

five things #174

Five things the Lanteans hid in Sam's luggage before she returned to Earth

amulets or charms for health, love, luck & safe travel.

a dozen of something like oatmeal cookies.

several pouches of something like coffee..

a small jar of ointment that could be used for bug bites, cuts, rashes & acne.

a couple of bottles of scented oils that could be used for massages or aromatherapy. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

bookstore test

You Are Brilliant
You are a true ideas person. No concept is too far out for you.

You have a good memory for facts. You always are an ace at trivia.

The world excites you. There are so many places you want to go and things you want to learn.

You have a few key interests that are borderline obsessions. You can't stop thinking about them!

Friday, March 08, 2013

five things #173

Five ways Jack and Teal'c got together

after jack moved to washington d.c. they got together every few months for pizza and to watch star wars.

they got together to teach cassie some self-defense moves and ended up teaching some of her friends too when she mentioned the lessons to them.

they got together to plan a surprise retirement party for general hammond.

after snowstorms they got together to clear and salt the driveways & sidewalks of some neighbors of jack’s who couldn’t do it or weren’t home often enough to do it themselves.

jack & teal'c got together to plan war games one year. a near-by housing development thought they were being invaded, 6 new recruits went missing for 3 days, & 15 people threatened to quit the air force.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

ice cream cone test

You Are a Mystery
Everyone thinks they have you figured out, but you're not as innocent as you look.
You don't show all your cards, and you have a lot more going on underneath the surface than people suspect.

You are complicated but subtly so. It takes a long time for anyone to really get what you're all about.
You are good at mastering your image. You make sure that others see only you want them to see.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

i miss five things

the site officially called it quits about 3 months ago and i'm still missing it. every two week i'd go tackle a new challenge (or two) sometimes i had a hard time keeping up with the ideas as they poured from my brain, other time i had to pull them out with pliers. i liked reading different responses to prompts that i wrote. i'm still amused by the time that every response to 5 languages that daniel doesn't speak & why (or something) included klingon as one of the languages. there will probably never be anything like that again for me.