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Friday, December 26, 2008

five things #63

Five things besides "the mole" Major Carter found she had in common with Doctor Carter.

1. they both had a bit of a coffee addiction. although dr. carter preferred fancier blends.
2. they were both fond of blue jello.
3. both of them liked to wear sexy undergarments.
4. they both wrote a term paper called; simple explanations for fundamental physics concepts.
5. all the little things you'd expect; same pet names, they preferred the same side of the bed, hated the same foods, etc.

Friday, December 19, 2008

can you haiku?

Haiku2 for archersangel
sg 1 episode
couldn't they come up with a
better idea
Created by Grahame

Haiku2 for archersangel
and recaptured
his relationship with met
a bad guy in 24
Created by Grahame

these are the only 2 than made much sense

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


so on joseph mallozzi's blog, he mentioned that during his trip to tokyo that he got some macrons (not to be confused with macaroons) well they reminded me of gobs, a.k.a whoopie pies. which i've been craving ever since. (even though my last experience with them was less than great) well my brother found some mini ones at a local supermarket and they were very good. so if the quality stays up, we will be getting them again.

BTW apparently gobs are just about as rare as macrons, which are usually found in a french bakery. i don't think there's a french bakery on this side of the atlantic outside of quebec.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

five things #62

Five side effects from the ATA gene that affect O'Neill and Sheppard.

1. sometimes their senses were messed up. they couldn't always taste sour things & occasionnaly could only smell the strongest of odors.
2. they had bouts of insomnia where they might only get an hour or two of sleep every night for a week.
3. sudden brief headaches.
4. odd cravings. like having pineapple on their pizzas.
5. rare erectile dysfunction. very rare.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

music poem

another thing stolen borrowed from live journal.

you put your ipod on shuffle and put down the first line from the first 20 songs. the 21 us the title of the poem.

since i don't have an ipod *pouts* i'm using my favorite list from youtube.

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes

It's morning I wake up
I am the one and only, oh yeah
Oh baby, baby
This is the story about a girl named Lucky.

Baby, I'm so into you
Drew looks at me
Please don't stop the music
I could lose my heart tonight

Late at night when all the world is sleeping
The dawn is breaking
I like to dream yes, yes, right between my sound machine
Can anybody find me somebody to love?

I can't stop The way I feel
Break, eject, Eject, eject
I’m bringing sexy back
You’re all smiles and silly conversation

So lately been wondrin'
Oh yeah yeah...
I'm so tired of being here
This time, This place

a couple of lines make sense together, mostly it's kind of odd

Monday, December 08, 2008

quiz: what christmas ornament are you?

You Are a Bow

You don't think of it as the holiday season - you think of it as the present season!

Friday, December 05, 2008

five things #61

Five secrets that died with Janet Fraiser.

1. her paternal grandmother's tuna salad recipe. which she didn't mind because it tasted too much like pickles.
2. which member of sg-1 french kissed her after they'd had too much to drink one new year's eve.
3. the phobias of most of the staff members of the sgc.
4. just how much trouble cassie had adapting to her new life on earth.
5. that she'd been married briefly in her late teens. it ended after a miscarriage & him cheating with an older woman.

Friday, November 28, 2008

post thanksgiving & late anniversary

how was your turkey day? did you survive over-eating and the family drama? survive the after t-day shopping rush?

anyway i forgot this blogs 2nd year anniversary on oct. 26 *shakes head* lots of crap going on in my life and i was watching for the 250 post mark, which i missed too. *sigh*

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"my" jack o'neill

i saw this post on live journal about who jack o'neill is for people who write fan fic. and while i don't write that, i started to think who he is in my mind. RDA is the reason i started to watch the show after all.

he is all of that in people's replies (he's more complicated than he let's on, but who isn't?) but he's also this in my mind;

he's loyal, once you're a friend you're friends for life. even if you don't see him for years. if you're on his crap list, there's no hope.
he's brand loyal. once he's found something he likes he sticks with it. he's traditional. he mourns the fact that you can't find just plain tooth paste anymore.
jack belongs to the school of; if it's not broke, don't fix it.
he's the kind of guy who will bail you out of jail at 3 a.m. no questions asked. (he'll grumble the whole time though) also he'll drive you home from a party when you've had too much to drink.
jack doesn't give advice on your latest life-crises, so don't ask. don't dump your problems on him. he has enough of his own, thank you very much.
jack's like of children can be attributed to two things; 1. he only had one (he's irish-catholic you know) and 2. he lost that only child.
he's smarter than he lets on. he rarely shows it bceause once "they" know you're smart, they want that level from you all of the time.

i think that's all. if i think of something else i'll add it later

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

five things #60

Five things SG-1 did to cheer up Sam after she was removed from command of Atlantis.

1. teal'c insisted on a star wars marathon (original trilogy only) at her place after she turned down an offer of "observing a battle in a ring in jello."
2. daniel took her to a series of poetry readings. even though sam was sure he was bored out of his mind & was mentally translating the poems into ancient greek or something.
3. jack sent her a series of e-mails with every political joke he had heard in washington. sam didn't have the heart to tell him that she didn't care for political humor.
4. vala took her to a flea market to do what she called; "treasure hunting on a more controlled scale."
5. mitchell took her out to dinner at the the fanciest restaurant that he could afford. she wasn't sure if they could call it a date because she had the higher rank now, but it was something to think about.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

political dungeons & dragons

someone did a post on live journal of the presidental canidates playing D & D.
it's kind of funny IMHO, even if you don't play the game.

warning: some strong lanuage

the link

Friday, November 21, 2008

president geek

in regards to the alleged geekness of the next president, someone on life journal did a list of things that are similar to those chuck noris things about why he's "so cool."
the list.

someone added one in the comments;
Obama's sex scandal won't involve a cigar, if he has an affair with an intern it will involve cosplay.

(for those who don't know; cosplay is short for costume play. basically dressing um in a costume of a character from a movie, comic book/graphic novel or tv show & perhaps acting like said character. done mostly at conventions)

when i read that out to my brother, responded like a reporter would; "could you tell us why she was dressed like a cat-girl?" (a cat-girl is more or less just that; a girl with cat ears & tail and sometimes acts like a cat. found in some anime stories)

well, for some reason that amused the hell out of me. i totally LMAO to the point where i could barely breathe and my brother thought that i was going to wet myself.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

quiz: how is your inner child?

Your Inner Child Is Sad

You're a very sensitive soul.

You haven't grown that thick skin that most adults have.

Easily hurt, you tend to retreat to your comfort zone.

You don't let many people in - unless you've trusted them for a long time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


the people's choice awards are coming soon! vote once a day by clicking that widget at the top of the page. you don't have to vote in every category. but you should at least vote for any category with anyone from indiana jones. even the one with that damn kid in it.
so remember, vote early and vote often.

Monday, November 10, 2008

five things #59

5 ways Daniel ends up in prison.

not sure if all of these warrant going to prison, maybe just jail

1. on the planet that jack nicknamed "politically correct" who knew it was considered sexual harassment to complement their host's wife on her dress?

2. he once painted horns on kinsey campaign posters.

3. the rest of sg-1 busted daniel out of confinement on P4-856 for "grave robing" when he investigated some local ruins.

4. all of those unpaid parking tickets he got going to various lectures, meetings & libraries for research.

5. the night that cassie turned 17 her boyfriend didn't take "no" for an answer. she got away thanks to self-defence moves jack & teal'c taught her. daniel went to see him with a tire iron looking to bash his head in, but the jerk wasn't home. so daniel settled for bashing the windows, headlights & taillights of his 4x4 truck.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

election 2008

it's the big one, finally. nearly 2 years of this crap. i have a feeling that we are fracked no matter who wins, hence the bumper sticker.

Monday, November 03, 2008

five things #58

Five legends about SG1 that aren't true.

1. they all have been ascended and came back.
2. they've all been hosts to a goa'uld & had it removed.
3. the men have fathered many children on several worlds.
4. the woman are so beautiful, that if you look at them too long you'll either be blinded or loose your mind.
5. they keep loosing their pants or other articles of clothing.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

cyborg name

Artificial Robotic Construct Hardwired for Efficient Repair

Get Your Cyborg Name

it wouldn't take my full username, but it's interesting IMHO.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

five things #57

Five names Jack would wouldn't consider for a dog.

1. any kind of human name. too weird
2. fluffy. too cute
3. spot. too cliched
4. tiger. it's been done
5. daisy. reminds him of daisy duke

Sunday, October 26, 2008

questions & answers: Pt 3

stargate writer joseph mallozzi has a blog the he sometimes opens up to guest bloggers. i sometimes submit questions.

these were for lexa doig who played dr. lam in seasons 9 & 10.

Archersangel writes: “1. do you wish more back story would’ve been given for dr. lam? like why she became a doctor? or why she was distanced from her father? was it more than the usual “child of divorce” thing? did the writers tell you anything? or did you have something mind while playing her?

See above…

("see above" is:)
A little of an extended back story… Beau and I discussed his back story before we started filming, and that informed mine a bit. Here’s something you don’t know about Carolyn Lam: she paid her way through her extensive Doogie Howser-esque schooling by table dancing in Lithuania.

2. and now that your husband has his own official site
could you ask that he blog there once in a while. or send in a note like richard dean anderson does for his site?”

Sure… but he never listens to me, I’m his wife.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

new banner

i got around to changing the banner at the top. it's a garfield comic that i liked. i figure we need some humor now and then.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

saw indiana jones 4


well first of all that damn kid is his offspring. *rollseyes* if you saw the young indiana jones chronicles (& judging by the ratings you probably didn't) older (90-ish) indy would often set up the story and in one of them he had a grandkid. so he had to have had an offspring at some point.
the whole alien thing was a WTF, IMHO. it was borrowed from an sg-1 episode, couldn't they come up with a better idea after 20 years? *raises an eyebrow at george lucas*
most of the movie had an odd tint to it, especially the beginning. my brother said they must've been going for a comic book look.
blanchett(sp?) was good as the baddie. evil, without being over the top. again IMHO.
i was wondering how they'd top the snakes of the first one, the bugs of the second one & the rats of the third. it was ants. BIG, hungry ants. *twitches* my brother said they might have been bullet ants. which, strangely enough, he was talking about the other day.
there was an interesting brief look at the arc from the first movie in the warehouse. which my brother called "a special guest appearance." there were also nods to the young indy series.
i heard that this movie didn't go over well in peru, where the climax of the movie took place. neither my brother or myself see anything objectionable in regards to the country or the locals. *shrugs*
at the end i thought they were going to do a "passing of the torch" thing to his kid & almost passed out in relief when they didn't. *cheers*
overall, not bad. it's not a waste of money or time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

quiz: harry potter wand test

Your result for The Harry Potter Wand Test...

9", Oak, Unicorn

You scored 42 wisdom, 17 bravery, 32 emotional, and 22 martyrdom!

Oak signifies wisdom, endurance, protection, and authority. Your unicorn's tail hair core means that you are pure of heart and care deeply for your loved ones.

Take The Harry Potter Wand Test at HelloQuizzy

Thursday, October 16, 2008

eye of the beholder

i can't recall if i did this subject, but if i did bear with me.

i don't get some of these guys the call "hot," mostly on TV. most are average-looking at best, odd-looking at worst. i think it's some kind of perception issue. like some kind of beergoogles effect. be honest; if you saw any of these guys in real life, would you think they were hot? if they worked in the cubical next to you or at the grocery store that you got to & the flirted with you, you'd probably complain to your friends about these guys.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

five things #56

50 prompts that i've done for 5 things

*toots own horn*

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

quiz: what's your thinking style?

Your Dominant Thinking Style: Modifying

Super logical and rational, you consider every fact available to you.

You don't make rash decisions and are rarely moved by emotion.

You prefer what's known and proven - to the new and untested.

You tend to ground those around you and add stability.

Monday, October 06, 2008

five things #55

25 things I love about Stargate & 25 things I don't.
(this is mostly about SG-1)

Monday, September 29, 2008

five things #54

Five games the children of Jaffa play.

1. swei ju'iu (rough translation: hide & see)
some children hide, others look them for them and take them prisoner. those not captured try to free the prisoners. the game ends when all the hiders are caught or all those captured are set free.

2. bi'bo al'kesh (rough translation: take the village)
a group of children defend a small area with an object (painted stone or piece of wood) from another group of children trying to take it. the game ends when the object is taken or all of those trying to capture it have been taken prisoner.

3. dis'tra jankin (rough translation: you dare tell?)
usually played by teenagers, one asks another a question if she/he prefers not to answer they must run several laps around an area or lift a large rock over their heads several times.

4. mid'cha ihn'tar (rough translation: pay attention to the changes)
children divide into two groups; taking turns one child stands in front of their group and mimes a person, place, phrase or animal. there is a time limit for the group to guess. after 10 words are mimed whichever group has guessed the most correctly wins.

5. ni'ya ihn'tar (rough translation: listen to the changes)
a variation on the above where one makes the sound of a bird, animal, device, musical instrument or imitates a persons voice to be guessed by their group.

goa'uld words found here:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

quiz: what flavor of ice cream are you?

You Are Strawberry Ice Cream

A bit shy and sensitive, you are sweet to the core.

You often find yourself on the outside looking in.

Insightful and pensive, you really understand how the world works.

You are most compatible with chocolate chip ice cream.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

mom's b-day '08

- September 21 -
You are very clever and knowledgeable. You are very calm and cool in social situations. You are kind and sympathetic to people, although you like to choose your friends
Positive Traits:
versatile, energetic, easy-going, charismatic, good conversationalist
Negative Traits:
scattered focus, restlessness, overly sensitive, glib, unreliability

'What does your Birthdate mean?' at

all of the good traits apply, none of the bad

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

five things #53

Five cultural nuances which Jack understood implicitly, but which left Daniel baffled.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

a brief note

real life sucks. big time. that is all.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

five things #52

2 recurring dreams & 3 recurring nightmares janet fraiser has

Friday, August 29, 2008

and the band played on

did this with wikipedia & memory alpha (a star trek wiki) now this one is with the stargate wiki. should be interesting.

Go to the stargate wiki home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again; that is your album name.
Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

band name: the queen (sga episode)

album name: michael beach

the songs:

1. zyang wu
2. eric steinberg
3. robert c. cooper (apparently all of these name ones are songs in honor of people)
4. fifth (about beethoven's)
5. time line of the ancients (cool)
6. kel shak lo
7. detective ryan (ballad)
8. jason calder
9. a matter of time
10. michael p. northey
11. sg-13
12. vosh
13. ryan
14. season seven (a tribute to a favorite tv show)
15. george dzudza

Monday, August 25, 2008

dad's b-day '08

- August 25 -
You are very independent and fearless. You have a lot of pride in yourself, and have confidence that you can do anything you put your mind
Positive Traits:
logical, intuitive, rational, responsible, perfectionist
Negative Traits:
inflexibility, paranoia, introversion, misanthropy, obsessive

'What does your Birthdate mean?' at

i don't think any of these apply to him

Saturday, August 23, 2008

kwiz: your adventures on ST: ENT

Your Adventures on Star Trek: Enterprise
Favourite Trek Series
You'd be... A Vulcan.
Your purpose on the show would be... Being evil and giving the crew someone to have fancy space fights with.
You'd fall in love with... T'Pol
But you'd only last one episode because... Whoops, the writers forgot about you.
This fun quiz by maxpaynechick - Taken 300 Times.

a gay, evil vulcan? sounds like a bad fan fic

Monday, August 18, 2008

oooo! burn!

since i had the countdown up i thought i should say something about michael shanks on burn notice.
well, basically he latched onto the scenery and didn't stop chewing the whole time. i know he's the bad guy, but he was a bad guy in 24 as well & didn't over act at all. i was hoping for a performance like that. or what he did in the SG-1 episode absolute power. something subdued, yet effective.
well there are three more episodes at the end of the season ( i.e. sometime next year after a hiatus) to see if the performance changes.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

questions & answers: Pt 2

joseph mallozzi, writer/producer for stargate, has a blog. he sometimes has guest bloggers. he gathers questions from his readers & they answer.
i submitted some questions of my own.

these were for writer/director/executive producer of ark of truth robert c. cooper

Friday, August 15, 2008

five things #51

Four times (not including alien influence) Jack and Daniel almost came to blows, and one time they did.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

questions & answers: Pt. 1

joseph mallozzi, writer/producer for stargate, has a blog. he sometimes has guest bloggers. he gathers questions from his readers & they answer.
i submited some questions of my own.
these were to janina gavankar (sgt. "dusty" mehra from the season 5 episode whispers)

Archer’s Angel writes: “1. who would you like to have a scene with on sga that you didn’t yet have one with?

1. Everyone else! Our episode felt like it’s own little show b/c the only regular characters were Shep and Carson, which was fun, but we missed the others.

2. what did you like about your character?

2. I loved that Dusty was a silent killer. All guts and glory.

3. if you wrote an episode that focused on your character what would it be called?

3. Hm. Oo! How bout a silent film-esque episode?? it would be called “…”

4. do you like sci-fi? if so, what sci-fi books, movies and tv shows do you like?”

4. I do like scifi! I love X-Files, Lost, (if you consider that scifi), BSG, of COURSE Stargate and all it’s permutations. I now love Neil Gaiman, but I grew up reading Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, and Michael Chrichton. I read Sphere waaaay too young. Scared the pants off me…. Wow… typing this makes me realize how much of a fan i REALLY am.

for more q & a; see the july 6 entry

Sunday, August 10, 2008

five things #50

Five songs SG-1 sung on karaoke night.

daniel: tubthumping--chumbawamba

sam: take a chance on me--abba

jack: on the road again--willie nelson

mitchell: danger zone--kenny loggins (top gun)

teal'c: theme from shaft--isaac hayes

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

new banner

continuing with the reverse show order of the star trek series, it's the one for the original series. which is the end (or beginning, depending on how you look at it) for the trek shows.
now i have to think of what to put up next. *looks at other banners* *ponders*

Monday, August 04, 2008

fives things #49

Five things Sam Carter knows about McKay that he doesn't know she knows.

1. he sleeps with an old teddy bear. she knows because he muttered about it once while sleeping at his station.
2. he hums when he pees. she only knows this because the door on the bathroom in her office isn't that thick.
3. he has a birthmark resembling the symbol for pi on his left buttock. dr. keller told her.
4. he doesn't like bread pudding. he always makes a face when it's in the mess hall.
5. he always wears his "lucky socks" off-world. he fusses when he can't find them.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

quiz: which classic dame are you?

Your result for The Classic Dames Test...

Katharine Hepburn

You are the fabulously quirky and independent woman of character. You go your own way, follow your own drummer, take your own lead. You stand head and shoulders next to your partner, but you are perfectly willing and able to stand alone. Others might be more classically beautiful or conventionally woman-like, but you possess a more fundamental common sense and off-kilter charm, making interesting men fall at your feet. You can pick them up or leave them there as you see fit. You share the screen with the likes of Spencer Tracy and Cary Grant, thinking men who like strong women.

Find out what kind of classic leading man you'd make by taking the
Classic Leading Man Test.

Take The Classic Dames Test at HelloQuizzy

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

five things #48

Five things a member of SG-1 admitted to his/her teammate(s) around the campfire off-world.

"i have a feeling that i'll die alone. don't ask why, it's just a feeling i've had most of my life."
"i do not like dogs. they remind me of wolves."
"i'm afraid of the water. i almost drowned when i was 6."
"i don't understand why i was chosen for ascension."
"i'm afraid of heights and yet i'm a pilot. go figure."

Sunday, July 27, 2008

TV stuff

so much is going on in TV land recently.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

you MUST be joking

so over at the five things site (see links list at right) it the 50th set of prompts this week. all of the have the #5o in them!
but they're being nice and accepting less if you can't cut it.
i'm doing 50 things i love about stargate & one for a "name your own prompt"
and i hope that's it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

five things #47

Five things Jack O'Neill's clone decided to do differently in his life this time around.

1. he seized opportunities. when some of his friends wanted to backpack through europe the summer before college he didn't hesitate to join them.
2. he decided to wait until he was 21 to start drinking beer. he didn't want to get into any of the trouble that he did in his "other life" when he started at 16. of course he wouldn't have any of the fun either, but he thought it was a good trade-off.
3. he was more selective about who he dated. before he'd ask women out because they were hot, only to have most of them turn out to be some kind of lunatic.
4. he read more books. they were mostly star trek novels, but a book is a book.
5. he chose a different career; airline pilot. he got to travel the world with the bonus of cute stewardess.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

brother's b-day '08

- July 16 -
You are very sensitive and sympathetic to the feelings of others. You are friendly and fun to be with, but you are easily hurt by others. You are a homebody sometimes and enjoy just chilling with
Positive Traits:
technically brilliant, innovative, creative, analytical, original
Negative Traits:
emotional repression, misanthropy, irrational, cynicism, coldness

'What does your Birthdate mean?' at

he is a homebody. technical, i wouldn't say brilliant & i won't comment on any negative traits.

Monday, July 14, 2008

kwiz: where do you end up on quantum leap?

You're on Quantum Leap--where do you end up?
Name / Username
In the year 1945
In the body of a wild game hunter
This quiz by MissHannigan - Taken 44 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology

Monday, July 07, 2008

five things #46

Five things Daniel wants to do before he dies (for good).

1. write a novel. some kind of cross between indiana jones & star trek.
2. finish reading the harry potter books. right now he's half-way through #6.
3. go on an "unauthorized visit" of the paris catacombs to see the places not on the the official tour.
4. find out some of his family history on both sides of his family. he knows a lot about ancient history, but not much about his own.
5. take up painting. he always wanted to do that.

Friday, July 04, 2008

kwiz: star wars profile

Star Wars Name
Affiliation Jedi
Rank Jedi Knight
Lightsaber Color Blue
Lightsaber Technique Form V
Midi-Chlorian Count 11149589
Home Planet Dagobah
This cool quiz by DarthMikey325 - Taken 622 Times.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

sad news

don s. davis who was general hammond died on june 29th of a heart attack.

the story at gateworld

joseph mallozzi's blog entry

he seemed like a good, nice guy and by all accounts he was. as someone said at the bbaords at 'hammond of texas has fallen in battle" he will be missed.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


i had a whole thing planed for an entry, but i forgot it. *pppfffttt*

i'm hot, tired, hurting slightly from sleeping wrong on my arm. ugh!

great entry, eh what?

ETA: now i recall something. in the five things entries, i might add or change some things, but they are my entries form the site. i swear on all my star trek books.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

kwiz: your own harry potter character

Your own *Harry Potter* character
First and Last name
Favorite Character
Favorite Hogwarts class
Your Personality
Favorite Hogwarts House
New Wizard/Witch Name Aurora Belding
Ancestry Half-blood
Magical Profession Auror
Type of Wand 11 inches, cypress, with the hair of a centaur
Side of Allegiance Side of Albus Dumbledore
Your Hogwarts House Gryffindor
This quiz by blackwhitered8 - Taken 7693 Times.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

five things #45

Five Times Cassie wished she was a child of Earth.

1. having birthday parties at chuck e. cheese, by the time she got to earth she was a little to old for that.
2. santa claus. she thought that it would've been nice to believe in something so innocent.
3. having sleepovers. it was thought that cassie would talk in her sleep about where she was really from.
4. going trick or treating. another thing she was a little too old for when she came to earth.
5. saturday morning cartoons. she found them to be silly. but wished that she could enjoy them like earth children seemed too.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

how much is your body worth?

$4540.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

Created by OnePlusYou

can i sell now & use the money to go to a sci-fi convention?

Monday, June 09, 2008

five things #44

Four times Sam and Daniel didn't have sex, and one time they did.

the 4 times they didn't

after the events in fire and water, sam was so damn happy that he was still alive that after he was released from the infirmary, she went to his apartment. sam hugged him for the longest time, maybe too long. there was a moment where it seemed like he was going to kiss her, but the phone rang & disrupted the moment. sam left soon after.

in the alternate time line of moebius alt-daniel got an ego boost after being asked to the cheyenne mountain complex & all they were told. he went to alt-sam's room their first night there. they were sitting on her bed talking when he made his move. he put his hand on her knee and leaned in to kiss her, but she turned the wrong way and they bumped noses. he tried again & got the same result. by that time she was giggling so hard that he just left in defeat.

after janet died they both needed some comfort. daniel went to sam's quarters in the SGC to talk. they both cried for a long time, then he held her for a longer time. daniel was rubbing her back in a soothing way & it seemed like sam was about to kiss him, but someone knocked on the door and disrupted the moment. daniel left soon after.

once not long after sg-1 was formed, daniel had a high fever. sam went to visit him late at night. she wiped his forehead with a cool, wet cloth. in his delirium he thought that sam was sha're & started kissing her. he ran is hands under her shirt and sam pulled away. it was difficult, but she couldn't take advantage of the situation.

the 1 time they did
after jack put himself in stasis in antarctica, daniel went to sam's apartment. they talked about atlantis & what it could mean to find it. they had a couple beers and talked some more. somehow they ended up kissing. they took off their clothes on the way to the bedroom. in the morning they woke up a bit hungover and a little confused. neither mentioned it ever again.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

a belated b-day "gift"

i got one of the dedications for june 4 at joseph mallozzi's blog. he's a writer for stargate: atlantis.
i was called an "individual" because he didn't know that i'm female. to be honest i was expecting to be called "food critic" because i comment on the weird food that he eats.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

my b-day '08

- June 3 -
You are stylish, friendly and funny. You have the potential to think deeply and rationally and you always have time for your
Positive Traits:
adaptable, resilient, charismatic, communicative, persuasive
Negative Traits:
cynicism, irresponsibility, superficiality, overbearing, promiscuity

'What does your Birthdate mean?' at

i'm not stylish. but am a somewhat friendly & little funny. i don't think that deeply or rationaly. for the positives; none apply to me.
as for the negatives; i am cynical, not irresponsible, superficial or overbearing & certainly not promiscuous.

Monday, June 02, 2008

blog changes & addition

continuing the reverse show order, it's star trek: the next generation. starting a monday night rotation on the sci-fi channel tonight.
total accident that i posted this today i assure you.

ETA: added a "i got sorted" hogwarts/ harry potter thing on the right

ETA2: changed the "click here to help" things at the top. they take up less room, are self explanatory and the pastels are kind of nice IMHO.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

quiz: what ancient language are you?

Your Score: Hieroglyphics

You scored

You are Egyptian Hieroglyphics! Monumental, ornate and even in technicolour! Your users contributed virtually all ancient knowledge on inks, dyes and writing surfaces - to the point where the popular reed of Papyrus became the universal name for organic, manufactured writing surfaces in the western hemisphere for thousands of years. Proud, upstanding and dignified.

Link: The Which Ancient Language Are You Test written by imipak on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

five things #43

Five things Mitchell never expected to learn about Samantha Carter.

1. she likes singing karaoke.
2. she collects manga.
3. sometimes she doesn't wear panties.
4. she's a wiccan.
5. she writes star trek fan fiction.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

memorial day 2008

as always a time to remember, not just BBQ.
so here's to those who served, those currently serving & those who will serve in the future.

BTW don't drink & drive this holiday (or any other time) & remember that "buzzed" driving is the same as drunk driving.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

indiana jones 4 & blog stuff

well the movie's out today & the reviews aren't so good. pardon me while i go into a depression.

as for the blog stuff; i changed a tag. the general stargate stuff is now tagged with "sg" & the 5 things stuff is remaining "stargate."

Monday, May 19, 2008

we'll never make it on the food network

so my mother got it into her head to make rice crispy treats, but with melted chocolate rather than marshmallows. so she gets the giant box of r. crispies & a bag of chocolate chips. plus a big bag of mini marshmallows to make the regular ones.
in the we got to work greasing a 13x9 baking pan with butter. and following the directions, melted the butter & then all of the marshmallows in a large ceramic roasting pot in the microwave. we quickly stirred crispies, shoved the stuff in the baking ban. batch #1 complete.
for batch #2 butter & chocolate were melted and a goodly amount of crispies were added. a problem quickly appeared; not enough chocolate. PANIC! a quick trip to the store provided the solution in the form of more marshmallows and for some reason another bag of chocolate. the marshmallows were added and melted an put into another pan. with the result of a s'more like concoction. it was good. so we have a bag of chocolate & some leftover marshmallows. will there be a sequel?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

five things #42

Five things Vala most regrets Qetesh did while occupying her.

1. the torture. it's necessary to keep them in line. qetesh told her. but why did she often do it in front of the victim's families?
2. the destruction of a planet. usually when the naquadah ran out. especially since the people were often still on it.
3. the rape. qetesh saw it as seduction, but the person didn't have a choice. it was "do or die."
4. the killing. usually it was if the person didn't please her in bed. other killings she had her first prime do.
5. the terror. she park her ship in orbit over a planet, unload the death gliders & grin as the planet's leaders begged for mercy. when she got tired of them "sniveling & wetting their pants" she'd threaten to come back and wipe them out for no reason they could figure out. then pack up and move on.

Monday, May 12, 2008

what the recipe for your personality?

The Recipe For archersangel

3 parts Beauty

2 parts Bravery

1 part Panache

Splash of Silliness

Sip slowly on the beach

i agree with the "splash of silliness

Saturday, May 10, 2008


this is what my brother said to me just a few moments ago;
"remember when saturday was your friend? you looked forward to saturday morning cartoons. ghostbusters & whatnot. now it's stabbed you in the back and joined forces with monday."

to quote firefly; "curse your sudden, but inevitable betrayal."

Thursday, May 08, 2008

IT'S A MIRACLE!! (sort of)

yesterday we went to wash some clothes & towels at a laundromat in town. somehow we left a load of clothes there. we just wrote them off. most hare second-hand anyway.
today we went back into town for some stuff. i had this feeling that we should check the laundromat, just to see if they were there. low and behold, there they were! on top of the bigger washers. (you know what people do) they were still wet, so we threw them in a dryer for a while & took them home.
three cheers for women's intuition!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

a painting

ETA: apperently the site changed software, so my painting is gone!

Friday, April 25, 2008

five things #41

Five things members of SG-1 did after the apocalypse.

presume there's a new enemy & the stargate program has been made public

1. sg-1 had been in the thick of things, as would be expected. sam had been having a meeting with the director homeworld security when his office building outside of D.C. was hit. after the smoke cleared jack & sam were trapped in the office, jack's assistant had been in the reception area.
"general?! colonel?!" he called out. "we're here!" jack called back. "anyone hurt?" the man asked. jack and sam checked themselves out. "we're fine." sam told him. "how long to get us out?" jack asked. "i don't know sir. most of the ceiling came down out here and i smell smoke, so there's a fire somewhere...." the assistant told them. "see if you can get some help. we'll be fine." sam told him. they sat on the floor to wait.
30 minuets had passed and there was no sign of help. the building rumbled and some of the ceiling started to fall. sam & jack sat closer together on the floor. maybe we won't be fine. jack thought. he turned to sam and said: "i love you." she was slient for so long he was afraid she'd laugh or say it's too late. sam smiled and said: "i know." jack wanted to say something more profound, but then sam started kissing him and pulling at his clothes. so "profound" went out the window.
2. daniel wasn't on earth during the final battle took place. he was on atlantis researching through the Alterans's (ancient's) database for something that could help. after he heard the news daniel went into a depression. he wished he could've been there, but he was a scholar not warrior. it was the same argument daniel had with himself a thousand times before. after a few days he managed to pull himself out of his funk enough to realize that his life on earth was over. atlantis was his home now.
3. vala wasn't on earth either. she stole a goa'uld cargo ship, loaded it with what she could and ran. vala thought she'd be braver than that, but it didn't work out that way. she wondered if what she got from selling the cargo ship would ease her guilt.
4. mitchell had been flying a new X303 during the final battle. he got shot down somewhere over russia. as cam fought to control his descent he half-hoped he'd die this time. since last time the recovery was so difficult. when mitchell woke up in a hospital bed he found a nurse waiving a goa'uld healing device over him. she must be one of those who had naquadah injected to operate goa'uld technology. he thought. it wouldn't be so difficult this time.
5. teal'c didn't live to see the final battle. he was killed during the first strike. he went down fighting.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the 7th harry potter movie

i'm a few days late & a few dollars short on this, but the 7th hary poter movie will be in 2 parts because there's so much stuff going on. in truth, all of the movies could've been in 2 parts. i don't know how they decide what stays and what goes.
and while on the subject of the HP movies, i wish they'd redo #4 somehow. i found it to be "choppy." i thought it was because i saw the first 3 movies before i read the books. (i read 4 & 5 before saw the movies) but my mom thought i was "choppy" too. and don't get me started on some of the boys' hair. i don't care if they're in a magic school, their hair would not be allowed to be that long!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

quiz: how evil are you?

You are 20% evil

You are not evil. Why are you taking this test? You are a nice person and are always thinking about others.

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i knew that

Monday, April 14, 2008

five things #40

Five episodes Martin Lloyd wrote for "Wormhole XTreme" that were rejected.

1. while on a mission the team becomes infected with a virus that turns them into primitive beings. the producers said the make-up would cost too much. and one called it a "silly idea."
2. a world's version of leonardo di vinci tricks dr. levant into switching bodies with him so he can have the life he believes he's owed. martin was told this would confuse the average viewer.
3. colonel danning is trapped off-world for 3 months when a landslide buries the gate. he eventuality adjusts to a slower way of life. "not that interesting." the producers said.
4. the command center is caught in a time loop. repeating the same day over and over, but two members of the team are the only ones to realize it. "groundhog day has been done to death." martin was told.
5. while the team is being perused by the enemy on a spaceship loaded with a dieing race's most advanced technology, stacy monroe creates "a world of their own in a bubble." where "one day is one minute to the outside world." she can't figure out how to get them out & they spend the next 60 years trapped there. slated to be the final episode of the series, martin was told "it's too depressing." and to "find a more up-beat ending for the series."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

five things #39

Five things Daniel remembers most clearly about his parents.

1. their love of old movies. they'd schedule their day around one on TV & drive to the nearest large city to film festivals.
2. their enjoyment of cooking. neither was a great chef, but they loved the process & the end product. even if it was as simple as mac & cheese.
3. they loved educating, for their own advancement or someone else's. they talk at length on any number of subjects at the drop of a hat just hoping to get someone interested in them.
4. their love of animals. they would often take lost animals to the local shelter.
5. their love for each other & him. every morning before breakfast they would give each other a kiss and say "i love you." then they would do the same with him.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

what were we thinking? (TV edition)

we've been renting various TV shows from netflix & some match up well to what we remember, others......not so much.
the not so much is moonlighting. i remember it as a quirky, romantic detective show. what we saw when we rented was a odd-ball, weirdo mess. we stopped after the first season and not even the promise of peierce brosnan as remington steel in a guest spot could induce us to watch any more. however you could see the chemistry between sheppard & willis, they practically smoked.
the things that do are: mangum p.i; murder she wrote; columbo; the golden girls; star trek (TOS & TNG); wild, wild, west. i don't remember seeing the perry mason TV series in reruns, but it's a good show IMHO. maybe macgyver & stargate: sg-1 should be added to the list at some point. *hint, hint*

Monday, April 07, 2008

quiz: what's your animal archetype?

Your Score: The Squirrel

You scored 62% domestic, 30% gregarious, 21% trickster, and 32% intellect!

Domestic, Solitary, Serious, Emotional: you are the Squirrel!

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This test categorized you based on four different axes of personality, which were then associated with a different animal. The four axes, as well as all possible results are explained below.

Wild/Domestic: This first axis categorizes you based on how much you are drawn to the outdoors, versus how much you are drawn to civilized situations. Domesticity has many shapes and forms, and varies from the joy of dolphins leaping next to a ship to the steadfast loyalty of a family dog.

Gregarious/Solitary: This axis measures how solitary you are. If you scored high, it means that you enjoy the company of other people, while a low score indicates that you prefer a more solitary lifestyle.

Trickster/Serious: This axis measures how well you line up with conventional trickster archetypes. People who fall into this archetype have a sense of humor and an excitable, highly chaotic streak. Scoring low doesn't mean that you don't have a sense of humor; it just means that you probably don't think dynamite is very funny.

Intellectual/Emotional: This last axis determines whether you are more emotional -- acting based on feelings and instinct, or rational and intelectual -- acting more on thought than on your gut feelings.

Link: The Animal Archetype Test written by crumpetsfortea on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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squirrel? really?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

five things #38

Five reasons for the falling-out between Landry and Lam.

1. he hurt her mother. not intentionality. it's just that she spent too many nights listing to her mother cry herself to sleep from loneliness & worry to readily forgive him.
2. when she was 17, by some miracle, they spent a whole summer together. it wasn't the magical bonding time either envisioned. he rented a cabin near some podunk town & expected her to go birdwatching with him. if she never heard "when i was your age...." or "young lady...." again it would be too soon. the last straw was when she started sneaking out to see a 19 year old high school drop-out mechanic. he ended up taking her virginity during their last date.
3. when she started her education to become a doctor, he wanted her to go to his alma mater. three generations of landrys had gone so it was "good enough for her." she had no interest in competing with the memories of those generations. besides she wanted to go to a "party school."
4. when she turned 21 she decided to use her mother's maiden name. he pretended to be OK with it, but he was hurt & insulted.
5. she could never forgive him not being there. not for her 6th birthday party. not for her perfect attendance award for the 8th grade. not for her sweet 16 party. not for a dozen big things & a thousand little ones. just for not being there.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

five things #37

Five times Sam and Daniel went out together (five things they did as friends or on a "date").

1. they went to an art gallery showing a collection of nudes.
2. they went to see indiana jones and the kingdom of the chrystal skull.
3. they went to a poetry reading. daniel kept himself awake by mentally translating the poems in to goa'uld.
4. they went together to cassie's high school graduation.
5. they went out for pizza most saturday nights.

all of this lead some people at the sgc to speculate on whether or not "the wonder twins" were an item. they weren't.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

book stuff

i always wanted to do this ever since i saw it on live journal, i promised myself that the next time i saw it, i'd do it.

1) Grab the book nearest to you (no cheating by grabbing a cool book!)
2) Open it to page 123 (so make sure it has at least that many pages!)
3) Count five sentences down
4) Post the next three sentences

the book is wolfking by bridget wood

"perhaps i should have run away." said portan, sitting up now, her eyes bright. "we talked of it sometimes--those of us who were only deformed in body and no in mind." "you were able to do so?" said amairgen, and was glad to think that she had been able to find a friend or two, kindred spirits in the gealtacht.

Monday, March 24, 2008

quiz: what color green are you?

You Are Emerald Green

Deep and mysterious, it often seems like no one truly gets you.

Inside, you are very emotional and moody - though you don't let it show.

People usually have a strong reaction to you... profound love or deep hate.

But you can even get those who hate you to come around. There's something naturally harmonious about you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

five things #36

Five conversations Mitchell and Jack never had.

*warning! character death*

over beers;
"general um, jack. i don't know if you two have a understanding or'd like to ask out sam sometime."
over the phone;
"yes general, i know it's been 6 months since daniel's been taken by adria." "no sir, still no sign of him. um....the reason i called is to say that general landry, under pressure from the I.O.A., has disbanded the search...."
in mitchell's hospital room (after he was shot down over antarctica);
"i'm sorry mitchell, despite all of the strings i've pulled, i can't get you the leadership of sg-1"
in the sgc cafeteria;
"i know they said it was a joke, but i have to know....are you my father?"
on PX4-037 under heavy fire;
"hold on, general. i want to see how bad you're hit." mitchell pulled back jack's bloody shirt. his right side looked like hamburger. why did he want to come on this mission anyway? cam wondered. and why did this mission, of all missions, go FUBAR? he leaned to sniff the wound & smelled bowel. damn!
"cameron?" jack rasped. "yes sir?" "i'm proud....of the job you've done....with sg-1." mitchell, who had opened his med kit & was pulling out gauze pads, muttered; "thanks." "tell....the others....that i'm proud of....them too." jack took a ragged breath. "tell sam....that i....i love her." "you can tell her yourself sir." mitchell told him, putting gauze pads on jack's wound, a futile effort. "i should've....told her....years ago...." jack took a shallow breath & let it out slowly. "general?....jack?!" shit!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

six word memoirs

another thing taken from live journal. the title of your memoirs in 6 letters.

here's mine:
you have to be kidding me

and if i live to my 80's:
i'm too old for this crap

Friday, March 14, 2008

girls and (video) games

there's this community on live journal called fandomsecrets. it's like post secret, but it's secrets about tv shows, movies, books & the like. anyway one secret was that a female in a video game forum had to hide her gender because the males don't take females who are "gamers" seriously. they think they only play "girly" games or are looking for attention.
personally i was never into video games. i play the occasional sports game and i was really into tetris & dr. mario for some reason. i live vicariously through my brother's playing. i give advice along the lines of "RUN! JUMP! DUCK! LOOK OUT!" i offer suggestions that he rarely takes and when he does, he never rarely says thank you.
it's the same for sci-fi, no girls allowed. if they watch a show or movie, it's only because there's a "cute" guy in it.
for the record i've never watched a tv show or movie for a "cute" guy. take star trek for instance; i watched TOS when i was like 5 or 6 & had no interest in that sort of thing. i'm not sure why i like it frankly, but i did. even as i got older, i didn't find any cute guys in it. (although i now think the McCoy was "easy on the eyes") the same for TNG & DS9. as for VOY it wasn't until season 5 that i found paris to be "interesting." ENT is a different story. i was a fan of scott bakula's from quantum leap & it was STAR TREK.
i was about 5 or 6 for for voyagers! (sic), a tv show you've probaly never heard of, & it started my love for time travel.
for star wars. i was fascinated by this movie that everyone talked for years. i finally saw SW: an new hope on tv (with commercials) then a few years later i watched TESB & ROTJ back-to-back on cable. the last hour of which i had to pee so bad that i nearly passed out. i was like 10. it wasn't until later on i came to "appreciate" han solo.
stargate i'll freely admit i got into because of RDA (he was macgyver for crying out loud!) but if the stories weren't interesting i'm telling you right now i wouldn't have watched beyond the 3rd episode. it was later on that i found o'neill to be "interesting" & as for jackson, it wasn't until season 8.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

five things #35

5 epitaphs for SG-1.

warrior. patriarch. awarded the presidential citizens medal. friend.

scholar. reluctant warrior. awarded the presidential medal of freedom. peacemaker.

fisherman. simpsons fan. twice awarded the silver star. husband of samantha.

astrophysicist. physics nobel prize winner. awarded the airman’s medal. wife of jack.

air force pilot. twice awarded congressional medal of honor. four times awarded the purple heart. astronaut.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

blog change & westerns

first; i'm changing the banner to a DS9 one i snagged from somewhere.

second; we're renting the wild, wild west TV show from netflix. vastly superior to the movie a "what the f**k they were thinking?!" if i ever saw one. we seem to be on a western kick lately. we rented support your local sheriff not too long ago.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

quiz: do you deserve your highschool diploma?

You paid attention during 69% of high school!

68-84% Pretty good, you know that there are libraries and newspapers, and you remember what you've read. You were a child that wasn't left behind!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
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cool. i guess

Monday, March 03, 2008

five things #34

Five things Cam said while talking to the empty room where Sam wasn't.

1. he talked about his childhood. about moving around when his dad got a new posting
2. mitchell talked about his high school crush amy vanderburg & how sometimes he wondered if she could've been "the one"
3. about the battle over antarctica, being shot down and his long, painful recovery
4. even though they said it was a joke, he sometimes wonders if o'neill is his dad
5. that he thought walter was weird

Thursday, February 28, 2008

quiz: what season are you?

You Belong in Fall

Intelligent, introspective, and quite expressive at times...

You appreciate the changes in color, climate, and mood that fall brings

Whether you're carving wacky pumpkins or taking long drives, autumn is a favorite time of year for you

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

five things #33

2 books & 3 magazines sam wouldn't want anyone on her team to find at her house

the 2 books:
pride & prejudice. yes, she pictures herself as elizabeth bennet.
little women. some part of sam wanted sisters.

the 3 magazines:
cosmopolitan. she reads it for the articles on sex. sadly she rarely gets to test those theories.
glamour. because sam doesn't live in BDUs.
brides. because maybe, someday......

Monday, February 25, 2008

the oscars

more commonly known as the academy awards were on last night. which is why i'm so tired today. it was an ok show. kind of thrown together at the last minute because the writers strike ended just a couple of weeks ago. it was a foreign invasion of sorts because the the actor categories were won by non-american people. my fave moment is when the host brought out the female half of the writing team for best song because she didn't get a chance to say anything when she won. then later he said what they did back stage after winning. him: "lets make them (the statuettes) kiss." her: "but they're men." him: "well, it's hollywood." LOL

Saturday, February 16, 2008

in other news......

  • the trailer for indiana jone 4 is out. *points to countdown* go look & have a squee. or three. now if only that damn kid wasn't in it.
  • scott bakula was on boston legal tuesday! it was a great episode.
  • boston legal isn't on the list of ABC shows coming back in the fall. if you like the show write to the network. here's the link.
  • the bboard at got new software to cut back on the "trolls" but al it's doing is f-ing everything up. i, myself got caught in the net yesterday.

Friday, February 15, 2008

fan confessions: pt. 3

this one is about star wars.
  • in the middle of all that action/adventure was the love story of han & leia. it got snuck in when no one was looking. very sneaky mr. lucas
  • i never noticed how clean everyone/thing is in ROTJ until i read it somewhere. now i notice it all the time.
  • as much as i like the millennium falcon, it's an odd design. the cockpit is on the side of the front for crying out loud!
  • han shot first! i'll believe that until my dying day.
  • jar-jar could've been worse.
  • i liked the ewoks.
  • i liked the music they originally had at the end of ROTJ.
  • i didn't like the fact that the ending of the DVD version of ROTJ was changed it have young anikin instead of the old one. he was old when he died. they still had old ben & yoda.
  • the costumes for amadala in episode 1 were too much IMHO.
  • i wish the special editions had translations for the aliens & r2-d2