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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

five things #56

50 prompts that i've done for 5 things

*toots own horn*

1. Five things Ba'al secretly admires about SG-1. i only did 4 for that
2. Five Things Daniel was talking so passionately about at the beginning of every one of Jack's "cycles" in "Window of Opportunity.
3. Five times Janet was really surprised during a post-mission physical.
4. Five languages Daniel doesn't know (and why). it still amuses me that everyone picked klingon for that.
5. SG-1's five favorite foods.
6. Five odd jobs Jack had when he was a teenager, and how the experiences came in handy when he was on SG-1.
7. Five reasons Vala envies Sam.
8. Five places on Earth that Teal'c wants to visit.
9. Five times Jack was glad he wasn't going on missions anymore.
10. Five times Sam dreamed about Daniel.
11. Five headaches SG-1 gave George Hammond, which he was finally able to laugh about at his retirement party.
12. Five true things about Sam Carter that she doesn't know about herself.
13. Five things Jacob and Selmak disagreed about.
14. Besides having a son, five things Jack and Daniel's parents had in common.
15. Five times Daniel danced in front of his teammates.
16. Five things Vala has stolen on Earth.
17. 4 things jack would do if he were president & 1 he wouldn't.
18. Five things Cassie Fraiser thinks about SG-1.
19. Five SG-1 team nights (in or out).
20. Five things SG-1 did in 1969.
21. Five things Daniel said to Rodney.
22. Five careers Jack pursues instead of joining the military.
23. Five things that happened when Sam and Vala went topside for some fun.
24. Five New Year's Resolutions Mitchell made.
25. Five New Year's Resolutions Vala made.
26. Five New Year's Resolutions Teal'c made.
27. Five New Year's Resolutions Sam made.
28. Five New Year's Resolutions Jack made.
29. Five New Year's Resolutions Daniel made.
30. Five things Bra'tac wanted to experience on Earth after hearing about them from Teal'c.
31. Five things Daniel won't miss when he finally leaves the SGC.
32. Three photographs on Jack's mantel, one in his wallet, and one hidden in his bedroom.
33. 2 books & 3 magazines sam wouldn't want anyone on her team to find at her house.
34. Five things Cam said while talking to the empty room where Sam wasn't.
35. 5 epitaphs for SG-1.
36. Five conversations Mitchell and Jack never had.
37. Five times Sam and Daniel went out together (five things they did as friends or on a "date").
38. Five reasons for the falling-out between Landry and Lam.
39. Five things Daniel remembers most clearly about his parents.
40. Five episodes Martin Lloyd wrote for "Wormhole XTreme" that were rejected.
41. Five things members of SG-1 did after the apocalypse.
42. Five things Vala most regrets Qetesh did while occupying her.
43. Five things Mitchell never expected to learn about Samantha Carter.
44. Four times Sam and Daniel didn't have sex, and one time they did.
45. Five Times Cassie wished she was a child of Earth.
46. Five things Daniel wants to do before he dies (for good).
47. Five things Jack O'Neill's clone decided to do differently in his life this time around.
48. Five things Sam Carter knows about McKay that he doesn't know she knows.
49. Five things a member of SG-1 admitted to his/her teammate(s) around the campfire off-world.
50. Five songs SG-1 sung on karaoke night.

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