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Monday, October 06, 2008

five things #55

25 things I love about Stargate & 25 things I don't.
(this is mostly about SG-1)

the 25 I do
in no particular order;

1. it's one of the few TV shows inspired by a movie to be a success.
2. the myths. even if they weren't academically correct.
3. the star trek actors that would turn up.
4. daneil jackson. 3 degrees, 2 dozen languages & 9 lives
5. the asguard. why no one mentioned they look like the aliens that abduct a lot of people is beyond me.
6. the alternate universes
7. the cultural references
8. jack o'neill. 2 Ls
9. that the word "indeed" can mean so many things.
10. the show never took it self too seriously. "of course i dare mock you."
11. the stargate itself. KAWOOSH!
12. samantha carter. not afraid to be a smart, strong woman in a man's world
13. the flag scene
14. the blue jello
15. the word "kree" has multiple meanings
16. teal'c. the fact that he likes the movie star wars still amuses me
17. the zat. 1 shot stuns, 2 shots kill & 3 disintegrates
18. the sam/jack romance. i know it was there, they just didn't show it
19. when sam hit ba'al
20. hammond of texas
21. the women jaffa warriors. i wish they could've been in more episodes
22. the fact that humans were "the fifth race." in most sci-fi stories humans are second-class citizens
23. jack's "mini me" clone. there should've been a follow-up
24. jonas quinn. i think he got short-changed
25. the line coombs had in the other guys. "i don't know how you can call yourself a scientist and not warship at the alter of roddenberry."
so funny because coombs was played by john billingsley who was playing phlox on star trek: enterprise at the time

the 25 i don't
in no particular order;

1. the "caterpillar" goatee teal'c had for a while.
2. vala. i don't care how popular she is & the fact that i do prompts that involve her just proves that my muse as an odd sense of humor.
3. that they changed the wormhole on SG-1 to the one they use for atlantis. it's a different galaxy, it should be a different wormhole.
4. that kawalsky was killed off in the second episode.
5. the puppet part of the episode 200.
6. i hate the fact that the goa'uld talk "normal" sometimes. they are goa'uld, they are supposed to sound different.
7. the final episode. i will never watch it again. i don't care how popular it is.
8. the plot holes. like; what happened to daniel's grandfather? jacks clone? kinsey?
9. the episode family ties. mostly because i don't like the actor who played vala's father.
10. that they got the mythology wrong sometimes. do some research! or maybe i'm the one who needs to.
11. that kawalsky wasn't in ripple effect or the road not taken. i thought it was a rule to have him in AU stories.
12. that jonas quin couldn't be worked in to the show semi-permanently somehow.
13. the nox just disappeared after a while
14. the broca divide. even though it had that sam jumps on jack scene.
15. there should've been one last thing with the tok'ra. a "we defeated the goa'uld, let's celebrate" kind of thing.
16. in the episode 1969 they should've had a couple "kisses with history" like quantum leap had.
17. did the androids have to be destroyed in double jeopardy?
18. that apophis refused to die for a while there
19. the fact that the tollan didn't make it
20. they made sam "the black widow" nearly every man she had a relationship with met a bad end
21. jay felger. coombs was more interesting.
22. that frank simmons was killed off. i thought he was more interesting than kinsey.
23. that anubis refused to die & oma had to be locked in battle with him for eternity.
24. they killed off janet
25. that they tried to make harry maybourne into some kind of comic character. he was the despicable bad guy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hee! Fun! I particularly like that you agree with me on the female Jaffa (the Hak'tyl). You are so right about the random Star Trek actors who showed up! Great list :D

~ scrollgirl