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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

halloween 2007

halloween is the worse night for drunk driving accidents? even more than christmas or new years. according to the national highway traffic safety administration 41% of all traffic accidents on halloween night involved a driver with higher than legal blood alcohol limit. so keep that in mind. also remember that "buzzed" driving is the same as drunk driving.

{end of public service announcement}

so go, have fun & don't eat too much candy.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

one year blog anniversary

actually i think it was yesterday. *smacks head*
one year and not much said.
120+ entries
25+ quizzes
15+ "five things"
many icons/avatars as pics for entries.
and the occasional "fangirl" post.
lets hope that the next year is better than this one was.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

five things #14

Besides having a son, five things Jack and Daniel's parents had in common.

1. both sets of parents belonged to "the fruit of the month club." in both cases it was a christmas present.
2. they met their future spouses in places where few people go. daniel's parents met in a library basement where the old & rare books were stored. jack's on a small mountain in a state park.
3. both sets of parents went to yard sales on the weekends in the summer.
4. they all got along with any in-laws that there were.
5. they were married on the same day, but daniel's parents were married in greece & didn't get the proper papers for americans getting married in a foreign country so it wasn't legal. they did get married as soon as they came back to the states though.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

thinking of you

there's a poster on the sg-1 board at that i know. (as well as you can know a person on-line, i guess) anyway, she's been suspended for five days. no one's exactly sure why & we're all afraid to ask.
i'm not sure if she reads this blog (i have the link in my signature there) but if she does i'd like to say that our little group over there misses you & thinks of you often.
which you know if you've been reading the posts over there. i thought i'd just put it out there.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

five things #13

Five things Jacob and Selmak disagreed about.

1. american sports. selmak didn't see the point. on most planets the loosing team in such a competition was executed.
2. food. slemak thought jacob ate too much of the wrong kinds when he visited earth.
3. movies. jacob liked old westerns & war movies. selmak preferred documentaries.
4. jacob's children. selmak had been a parent by way of a host several times & had experience that jacob often refused to listen to.
5. TV. selmak didn't care too much for it, but found the infomercials interesting. jacob thought that they were garbage.

Friday, October 12, 2007

quiz: are you a star trek freek?

Are You A Star Trek Freak
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You scored as Star Trek 101

Star Trek 101


Star Trek 102


well i knew that

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

five things #12

Five true things about Sam Carter that she doesn't know about herself.

1. she's an anime fan. sam convinced herself that all of the manga she's collected is for the artwork only.
2. she's an ok cook. sam can't do anything fancy, but she makes a great tuna casserole.
3. sam's a pretty decent singer. her rendition of silent night at the sgc christmas party every year always left many people choked up.
4. she's a fairly competent fisherman (woman?) sam went on several fishing trips with jack for him to help with her "technique"
5. sam's can draw fairly well. she often has to sketch out plans for some component for whatever she's working on & no one has wondered what she was trying to put across.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

quiz: what type of pagan are you?

You are a Noob Pagan

You are brand new to Pagan community, let alone the craft! The movement between the veil makes you drunk, and the thought of being in a ritual gives you the vapors! Someday you may be able to walk around naked, but until then you'll be showering alone, thank you!
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Thursday, October 04, 2007

five things #11

Five headaches SG-1 gave George Hammond, which he was finally able to laugh about at his retirement party.

1. their wildly different "writing a report" styles.
sam used words he couldn't understand.
teal'c used too few words.
jack used terms like; frag-off & son-of-a-bee.
daniel took forever to get to the point.
2. they were reluctant to go to their regularly scheduled psychological exams
3. they weren't big on physicals either
4. when they went back to 1969. his younger self had a headache over that
5. he often had a feeling that they held stuff back from their reports

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

health update

went to the doctor's yesterday and got some medicine. hopefully they will work and i'll be back to my (semi) normal self.