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Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year's eve '09

if you had a bad 2009, i hioe 2010 is better. if you had a good 2009, i hope 2010 is the same.

please don't drink & drive tonight, and remember; "buzzed" driving is the same as drunk driving.


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Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas '09

no matter what "winter holiday" you celebrate, or don't, have a good one. please don't drink & drive. also "buzzed" driving is the same as drunk driving.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

saw harry potter 6

WARNING! spoilers for harry potter 6

well they left stuff out, as was to be expected. but when they add stuff and change things around (like it wasn't luna that found harry on the train, but tonks) or the attack on the wesley home, that annoys me. i annoyed my brother by pointing this stuff out.
over all not a bad movie, but it was too dark for a PG rating. what was the rating board thinking?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

quiz: what x-mas movie is your x-mas like?

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Very Brady Christmas

For you, it's all about sharing times with family.

Even if you all get a bit cheesy at times.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

five things #94

Five things Sam did while separated from her teammates in Continuum.

1. she read some books for leisure. sam didn't think much of "popular fiction" but she read angels and demons & the da vinci code (she liked the first one better) as well as the whole harry potter series. (no favorites there)

2. she revisited old haunts. the high school that she graduated from had been torn down in favor of a new building, but pizza shop where everyone used to hang out, the bakery were everyone got their birthday cakes & the park where she got her first kiss were still there.

3. she quietly checked on "her" family. her father's cancer had gone into remission & he retired from active duty to teach at the air force academy. her brother was living in san francisco and had gotten married later in his life, as a result he didn't have any children as of that time. her mother had died in the same way that she did in the original time line.

4. she went to some of the places that she always wanted to go in the U.S. one the few times that her father took the family on vacation, he'd visit civil war sites or militarily museums. so sam visited a few national parks & historical buildings.

5. she considered taking up the cello like she always wanted. sam even went as far as talking with a teacher & pricing some instruments, but decided that she was too old to take up something like that.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

quiz: where should you spend the holidays?

You Should Spend the Holidays In Mexico

Where Christmas Day is celebrated by breaking a pinata

Sunday, December 06, 2009

five things #93

Five times Janet was rendered completely speechless.

1. the first time cassie had made a gift for her. it was just a card made out of construction paper that read; "happy birthday mom" it was the first time she called her mom too.

2. when her husband asked for a divorce. she knew that it was coming for a while, but when he just blurted out; "i want a divorce." as she walked in the door after a long day, it stunned her for a moment.

3. when jack and daniel confessed that they were in love with her at the same time. they were under the influence of some alien virus then.

4. when a new recruit on SG-12 said he thought that he was pregnant after coming back from his first off-world mission. it turned out to be a mild stomach virus.

5. when she found out about the stargate. she had always dismissed sci-fi as "silly," but here was something right out of one of those stories & she was, in a small way, going to be a part of it.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

quiz: how should you spend the holidays?

Your Holiday Personality is Social

For you, the holidays are all about spending time with people you love - and even those you kind of like.

Host your own party - maybe even a few. Get people together for baking cookies, watching movies, and playing holiday charades.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

five things #92

Five times Daniel lied about a translation.

1. daniel looked at the tablet on the lab table & sighed. he'd been going over it for a hour & it was all in baby-talk! ma-ma, da-da, ga-ga, ca-ca, he'd never seen anything like it. "anything about the ori on that jackson?" mitchell asked from the doorway. daniel wasn't even sure what it was about. "no, sorry." daniel told him.

2. daniel stared at the obelisk, shading his eyes from the sun. they will come from across....the sky driving the serpents before them. he mentally translated. the silvered-haired one who....leads them, the woman with sun-kissed hair who's intelligence matches her beauty, the scholar who's vision is impaired, but will....see father than any other & the dark-skinned warrior who is marked with an emblem of gold. sounds familiar, too familiar. daniel thought. "well, anything interesting?" jack wondered. " says that that goa'uld will be defeated." daniel said. "cool. does it say how?" jack asked.

3. it seemed to be a love story. girl meets boy, girl & boy go on adventures, girl saves, boy, boy saves girl, and after many trials they fall in love. it was written like a bad romance novel, not that daniel ever read one. he wondered why anyone bothered to scratch it on a temple wall. it didn't seem to be a legend or even a fable. "find something?" sam asked, walking up behind him & shining her flashlight's beam on the wall. "just graffiti." he said.

4. it's a bunch of nonsense words arranged in to form a poem. daniel thought after studying the rubbings he'd done of the glyphs teal'c had discovered on a fallen pillar. it reminded him of jabberwocky. "something of importance daniel jackson?" teal'c asked. "ah....i need to consult some reference books back in my office, but it seems to be just a inventory of a harvest." daniel told him.

5. the urn was mostly intact, a rare find in this area where earthquakes were common. it took daniel several moments to translate the rune-like graphemes, but as near as he could figure it was a listing of the urn's contents. small gold figures, necklaces, bracelets, loose gems & a diadem. it also said that this was number 65 of.... that part was broken away. suddenly someone came up, blocking the sun & making it harder for daniel to read any more. "so, was my source right? is there treasure here?" vala demanded to know. daniel caught a gleam in her eye that made him wonder if she was looking for praise or to make off with whatever was found. "just foodstuffs." daniel informed her, gesturing at the urn. vala pouted & went to see what sam was doing.