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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

saw harry potter 6

WARNING! spoilers for harry potter 6

well they left stuff out, as was to be expected. but when they add stuff and change things around (like it wasn't luna that found harry on the train, but tonks) or the attack on the wesley home, that annoys me. i annoyed my brother by pointing this stuff out.
over all not a bad movie, but it was too dark for a PG rating. what was the rating board thinking?

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D said...

Oh my gosh! I click on the links at the top of your blog every day! It's so nice to see when someone else does it too. Also, I made the "demotivational" posters that David Nykl put up on his web site. I'm glad you liked them. If you can't read them, just give me a holler; I'm the Hiccupping Homemaker. (I can also show you where you can find more of those little gems that other people have made.) Nice to meet you btw!