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Saturday, December 12, 2009

five things #94

Five things Sam did while separated from her teammates in Continuum.

1. she read some books for leisure. sam didn't think much of "popular fiction" but she read angels and demons & the da vinci code (she liked the first one better) as well as the whole harry potter series. (no favorites there)

2. she revisited old haunts. the high school that she graduated from had been torn down in favor of a new building, but pizza shop where everyone used to hang out, the bakery were everyone got their birthday cakes & the park where she got her first kiss were still there.

3. she quietly checked on "her" family. her father's cancer had gone into remission & he retired from active duty to teach at the air force academy. her brother was living in san francisco and had gotten married later in his life, as a result he didn't have any children as of that time. her mother had died in the same way that she did in the original time line.

4. she went to some of the places that she always wanted to go in the U.S. one the few times that her father took the family on vacation, he'd visit civil war sites or militarily museums. so sam visited a few national parks & historical buildings.

5. she considered taking up the cello like she always wanted. sam even went as far as talking with a teacher & pricing some instruments, but decided that she was too old to take up something like that.

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