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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

BK cinnamon roll

no long ago i tried the cinnamon roll that burger king has now. it's kind of small for the price, but pretty good. much better than the DQ pull-apart cinnamon bun. and much better than the cinnabon stuff we (brother & i) tried.
we had two different things: pillsbury had something that you warm up in the microwave & i think burger king had cinnabon stuff before. it's otis spunkmeyer that supplies them now (they have the chocolate cookies too).
my brother & i think if the cinnabon stuff you get that their retail locations are as bad as the stuff we had, we can't figure out how they stay in business. those things were almost as bad ad the DQ pull-apart.
of course maybe that's why BK switched to someone else.

Friday, June 17, 2016

movies in 3s

no long ago we (brother & i) did a re-watch of the first two mummy movies from the late '90s.

the first is better than the second & the second is better than the third.
which is true for a lot of movies where there was 3 of them. the first x-men movies & jurassic park movies come to mind. the only ones to break this rule are the original star wars movies, where the second was the better one. & the back to the future movies, where the first one was good and the two that followed were equally just ok.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

DQ cinnamon pull-apart

gave into temptation last time i was a dairy queen & tried their  cinnamon pull-apart roll. i regretted it.

first of all it was nearly rock hard & difficult to cut with the little plastic knife and fork they provided.
second of all the cinnamon was just awful! it was the really cheap kind and stays with you far longer than it should. that's the problem with cheap cinnamon.
there's a convenience store near here that has food that you can order. they have a little cup of churros (10 or so small pieces) that i had a couple of times. the first time the cinnamon didn't bother me, but the second time it did so i decided it wasn't worth it. pity.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

pepsi 1893

pepsi put out two new drinks recently, we (brother & i tried them) & i was reminded why we don't care for the vast majority of pepsi products.

the first one, a cola, taste like generic cola. probably because of the kola nut ingredient.

the second one, a ginger cola, had a "bite" to it, but not as much as a ginger beer (nonalcoholic) we once tried & left a warm, tingly feeling on the back of my tongue & throat.

Friday, June 03, 2016

my birthday 2016

Your Birthday's Wisdom is Action
If there is one thing you've learned in life, it's get moving.
Procrastination just makes things so much worse. If you dream it, you do it.

You believe in going for it. And as a result, you've had success in many arenas.
You would rather regret what you did than regret what you were scared to do.