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Saturday, January 27, 2007

another quiz

yes, another quiz. this time on religion.
i fit in with agnosticism.
fairly ambivalent toward religion.
0% scientific
20% reason oriented
my result

Thursday, January 25, 2007

well say SOMETHING

the problem with a blog (or a real life hold-in-your-hands journal) is finding something to write about. if you have a life (which i don't) you write about what happened that day. with works, the kids, the significant other, so on & so forth. i just end up talking about my hobbies, opinions & habits. which is probably why no one comments in this thing. that and there's like 5,345,968 blogs (& similar things) now.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


did you ever see on these blog site places where you can get quizzes for blogs? i have & have actualy taken a couple. one is the dante's inferno quiz , i'm on level 3. the glutton level. i scored high on level 5 too, which is the gloomy/wrathful level. either way i'm doomed i suppose. i plan to have different quizzes from time to time in that spot, so keep your eye on it. also i'll post my results & the links in a blog entry.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


reading is probably my first addiction. according to my mother, i've been reading since i was 18 months old. (i don't think so) all i know is i love it. i'm not tied down to one category or author, i'm all over the place. mystery, sci-fi, history, bios, etc, etc. like my thoughts on music, you have to try a little of everything to find what you like. i don't have any recommendations, just suggestions. poland by james a. michener, i recommend the official gene roddenbery bio over the official ian fleming bio. the first is more interesting IMHO & the second got bogged down in pedigrees. almost every time a name was mentioned it was like: "his father was the earl of somewhere & his daughter married the duke of somewhere-else" I DON'T CARE! on a similar not i recommend the first jurassic park novel over the second one (lost world) while they're both action-packed with who will live & who will die suspense, the second got bogged down in dinosaur behavior theories. if i want to read a book about dinosaur behavior theories, i'll read a book about dinosaur behavior theories. anyway that's my take on books.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

avatar addiction

HELP!!!! i'm addicted to avatars! i spend a lot of time looking for them. even though i'll probably never use them all. it's the trill of the hunt, the joy of finding a nice one that i'm hooked on. it doesn't help matters i that i can't make them. *sigh*
my brother recently told me that i can use them here. *happy laugh* so you'll see some here. in fact i'm going see if i can edit old posts to add one.
*stands up* my name is archersangel and i am an avatar addict. *sits back down*

Friday, January 05, 2007

new year/avatar & signature thanks

first of all; HAPPY NEW YEAR! i hope 2007 for you is just as good (or better) than 2006.
second; i'd like to use the opportunity to thank those who've made (or will make) signatures for me to use at message boards
i'm not naming names (you know who you are) lest the persons involved are buried under with requests. i few weeks ago i expressed awe of a lady's signature (made by someone else) another lady suggested that perhaps she could make some star trek themed ones for her & me. the lady with the nice signature not only passed on the request, but made a couple for me. my brother (after much bugging by me) made a stargate sg-1 one for me to use. much thanks to him.
also this is a thank you for ALL of the avatars & signatures i use at (95% i've snagged from images searches) the only exceptions are avatars i've made at or the signatures at, so if you see something of yours that i'm using; consider this credit for your work. it's very nice, thank you.

EDIT: someone else is making a few signatures for me, as of 06-26-07