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Monday, September 21, 2009

mom's birthday '09

Your Birth Month Says You're Wise

Tolerant and inspirational, you are wise beyond your years.

You are universally sympathetic and a great humanitarian.

Your soul reflects: Devotion, light, and love

Your gemstone: Sapphire

Your flower: Morning Glory

Your colors: Brown and deep blue

Saturday, September 19, 2009

five things #87

Five times Daniel wore Jack's baseball cap

1. on P8X-620 when daniel went to negotiate with the village elders for the use of a herb that the doctors at the SGC thought was good for migraines. men had to have their heads covered indoors & daniel had lost his boonie, so jack handed over his cap.

2. on the world jack nicknamed redwoods because of it's forests of giant trees, sg-1 had split into 2 groups of 2. at that moment a group of birds in the tree they were under took a bathroom break. daniel hadn't worn his boonie or bandanna, so jack slapped his cap on him & pulled up the hood of his own jacket.

3. on P2A-842 jack had badly sprained his ankle. teal'c had made a pair of crutches out of some tree limbs & jack couldn't carry his gear. daniel took most of it. since jack had already hobbled away & daniel's hands were full, he put jack's cap on top of his bandanna and went after the others.

4. once after the SGC memorial day BBQ it started raining. daniel's head was bandaged after a recent off-world mishap, so jack told him to take his cap to keep the bandages dry.

5. after sampling a local drink on one world daniel got it into his head to do an impression of jack around the team's campfire that night. taking his cap & doing a rant about missing memos, the asgard, the NID & the goa'uld. which jack didn't find funny at all; but amused teal'c, caused sam to sprain something holding in her laughter, & daniel to think it was a dream in the morning.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

some thoughts on dragon con

i ended up liking the the experience more than i thought i would. a small part would like to go again. (my brother thinks i'm crazy & i just might be) so, if anyone would ask me if it was worth it to go i'd say yes. it's a geek pilgrimage that every geek should make once.
true, it isn't cheap, (but what is these days?) but you can save some money. get your tickets (badges) early, the closer you get to the show the more it is. for a hotel you can get a con rate at the 4 host hotels & in the "overflow" ones. the hyatt, hilton & sheraton are taking 2010 reservations now. the marriott will on oct. 1st, it's best to call directly & say you're coming in for dragon con. if you get someone to split the cost, that helps too. but you have to be careful, i read on on the d-con livejournal that someone went in on a room expecting to have 6 people in the room & it ended up being 12!
you also have to weigh your options with the hotels. if you want parties & the convenience of being near your hotel room (except for the sheraton, which is a block away from the others) go with a host hotel. if you want quiet, go with an overflow. the westin was about a block away from the hyatt & was nice, but the beds were kind of hard and a bit short.
we didn't get any pictures or autographs so we saved big there. i think the autographs were $40 apeice. so getting the big 4, shatner, nimoy, stewart & mulgrew alone would've been $160!
you can save on food by bring peanut butter, jelly & bread. some bring raman(sp?) noodles or a cooler with lunch-meat. however these are only options if you drive down there.
flying & the travel in general is another thing. if you fly you can save some by going through priceline, expedia or one of those sites. unless you want to drive around the city, you don't have to rent a car, the MARTA goes to peachtree center, which is convenient to most of the hotels (both host & overflow) if you drive down you might find someone to share gas expenses with, but you have to park the car some where. most of the hotels charge about $28 per day for valet & $21 a day for self parking. there are several lots in the area (we walked by some) but at least 1 doubled the price for the con. (it was $20 a day during the first 3 days & $10 on the last day)

so weigh the pros & cons of going and make your choice. i'd go for the full 4 days, true monday is a slow day but there's less of a crowd all trying to check out at once. trying to go for one day doesn't work all that well. unless you're local & there's someone that you really want to see in the late afternoon. (expect at least a 2 hour wait in line for the badge)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

food on the road 2

once again i take a page from joseph mallozzi's blog & took pics of (most of) the food we had in atlanta.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

dragon con pics!

my brother finaly worked on the d-con pics!

sadly the nimoy/shatner & friday's sg-1 panel didn't turn out. so-so camera + crap seats = bad pictures

i direct you here & here for shatner/nimoy pics

i direct you to here, here, here & here for the cunningham/jones/browder sg-1 panel

Monday, September 14, 2009

d-con report; day 4

we decided to check out the dealer's room in the marriott early before any crowds went in. we were hanging out in the hall & someone from the staff told us to line up outside. before that were ended up wandering over to froggy's photo area (i think it was them) the photo pick-up area was just a bunch of tables outside their room! anyone could come by, take the photos & photoshop themselves in later.
there was nothing that really interested us & my brother heavily hinted at a dealer that their anime DVDs were bootleg, so that encouraged me to get us out & head to the trek guest stars panel. on the way through the marriott lobby, near the starbucks, i see malcom mcdowell having coffee at this bar-thing they have set up. i pointed him out to my brother (by muttering out of the corner of my mouth), who pretended to check out something in the gift shop to confirm that it was him. on the way out my brother said; "i'm jealous, you got to see 3 famous people." i said; "it was more like 2 1/2, because i only saw that one guy from the back."
well at least not all of my "celebrity encounters" happened near the ladies room.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

d-con report; day 3

we used some of the $5 vouchers that the hotel gives out for not having fresh sheets & towels (it's an environment thing) at the westin starbucks for breakfast (hot tea and pastries) & burnt our tongues on our hot tea.
got bottles of coke at great wraps to help combat ingestion & sooth burnt tongues. the line for mulgrew didn't start yet so we went to the con suite. my brother had the last of the scrambled eggs & bacon. i snagged a cinnamon bun (from krispy kream). i saw them put out pocky, told my brother who pounced on it.
we get in line about an hour before the mulgrew talk. near the front of the line for once. when she came out hardly anyone was standing up to applaud & i said; "stand up people, she's the captain!" she did an nice Q & A. she talked about giving blood next to this young woman dressed as a butterfly who was nervous about giving blood for the first time. the two women who were helping her (both irish) by saying; (imagine irish accents)

lady-1: "i understand one of the captains is giving her own platelets."
lady-2: "which one was that?"
lady-1: "you know, the one who got lost in the part of space that no one has ever heard of."
lady-2: "what was her name? mary? mary-kate?"
lady-1: "no it was jane something"
then mulgrew turns to them & says in that voice of her's; "you mean captain janeway?!"
lady-2: "sweet Jesus! it's the lady herself!"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

d-con report; day 2

we got up early to check out the con suite at the hyatt (stopped in briefly the day before) & scored a doughnut. went to the UPS store to send out the 2 bottles of glass bottles of coke you get at the end of the WOC tour. brother wanted to wrap them up in our check-in luggage, but i feared breakage.
on the way to UPS we got caught behind people watching the parade. we caught glimpses of cathrine bach & john schneider (who knew that the dukes of hazzard was sci-fi/fantasy?) a platoon of ghostbusters, the harpies (an all girl quiddich team) lou ferrigno, a mad max group with that car thing with 2 guys (dummies) tied to the front, i think it was richard hatch with the BSG contingent & the 501 stormtroopers groop who brought up the rear.

Friday, September 11, 2009

have book will travel--2

author dayton ward has this thing on his livejournal (a challenge if you will) to take one of his books out with you during your summer. i answered the call once again & took one with me to atlanta for dragon con. the book was the sky's the limit, edited by marco palmieri. which contains the dayton ward & kevin dilmore story acts of compassion (here after referred to as the book-2)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

d-con report; day 1

since the shatner/nimoy show was the first thing we ate some of our snacks for breakfast & headed over there. it was about 8:30, but they alowed people to go in. we got to see the first ever d-con late show at 9 ("late" because people stay up partying) saw, but didn't hear much because of people talking. nimoy & shatner were great! the term "old married couple" comes to mind (slashers; no need to comment) apparently shatner & george takei are fighting about something (just what they didn't go in to. shatner has been with priceline for 11 years.they were funny & should take their act on the road. (shatner might be hassled for making fun of someone's southern accent though) they only answered a couple of questions but i didn't mind. took many pics & hope they will turn out & be posted some time.
brother & i went to check out the olympic park then went to the world of coke. not really worth the $15 to get in, but you get to taste soda-pop from around the world. i strongly recommend avoiding something called beverly. nasty stuff.
we missed 15 great moments in stargate (didn't seem all that good anyway) for WOC, but got in to the sg-1 panel (browder/jones/cunningham) not that many people there (i'm sure if shanks was there with would've been packed) they got questions about browder replacing RDA, they're fave episodes & inconsistencies in uniforms. they talked about how hard it is for an actor to get work & sometime the only thing you can do is change the font on your resume.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

d-con report; day 0

d-con doesn't officialy have a "day 0" but if you pre-registered for tickets, went through ticketmaster or are a guest, you can get your tickets the day before. i don't know if you can buy on-site for the 4 days then or have to wait until friday.
after a breakfast at IHOP, we head to the airport. there weren't too many people in line to check in & the security line went pretty quick. while sitting by the gate waiting for the plane, i hear one guy telling someone that the atlanta international airport is one of the worst in the world. just what you want to hear before you go.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

i'm going to dragon con!

depending on when you're reading this, i'm either on my way to or in atlanta for dragon con '09!

everything came together really quick on this one. looking forward to seeing a bunch of trek people. michael shanks was scheduled, but had to cancel. *pouts* but it's for work, even if it does look like it's another crap sci-fi channel original or something.
william shatner was recently added as a guest & he makes the 3rd trek captain at d-con this year! now if we can just get brooks & bakula, i'm pretty sure that i could die happy some time after the convention. but no chance of that, since it's zero hour.

BTW there will be no text updates for this one. i will write up reports sometime after my return.