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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

d-con report; day 0

d-con doesn't officialy have a "day 0" but if you pre-registered for tickets, went through ticketmaster or are a guest, you can get your tickets the day before. i don't know if you can buy on-site for the 4 days then or have to wait until friday.
after a breakfast at IHOP, we head to the airport. there weren't too many people in line to check in & the security line went pretty quick. while sitting by the gate waiting for the plane, i hear one guy telling someone that the atlanta international airport is one of the worst in the world. just what you want to hear before you go.

 so we make it to atlanta ok, after sitting on the tarmac for a half hour before take-off due to sky traffic. the MARTA stops at the airport, near luggage claim so that's good. the train is nice & clean, there were no weirdos bugging us, although one guy go on & gave a sob story about how he lost his job & was selling incense to make money. some guy heckled him & they argued briefly, but the seller got off at the next stop.
we get off at peachtree center station & go up on the elevator, which takes forever because you're like 250 feet below ground, & come up within sight of the westin peachtree. it's a weird layout, because where we cam in was on floor 6 & you have to go down to 5 to resister. so we do that, get in the elevator & you have to put in your key cart to access the guest room floors, so we do that & go to 17 where our room was. we filled up our water bag things & headed over to the sheraton for registration, which is just 3 blocks or so down the street.
so we get there, this is about 5 p.m., & there's a long line that goes around the side of the building. it moved pretty well for a while, then stalled. some hotel workers were pushing a cart to sell cold water, energy drinks & beer. my brother said; "just what we need, hot, angry, drunks geeks." so we finally get inside to pre-registered area. we slowly made our way through the line. about half-way through someone made balls out of long balloons & people hit them around. we don't know if that made thing go faster, or held things up because you were busy hitting the things.
so we get near the end & got to skip ahead in the line because the first few letters of our last name line were free. so after 3 hours, we got the badges & got back to our room. i told my brother that some BGS guy was there "just as a fan" (i think it was aaron douglas) & i bet that he didn't have to stand in line for 3 hours. <_<

BTW i decided to forgo any autographs.

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Anonymous said...

"just what we need, hot, angry, drunks geeks."

i told my brother that some BGS guy was there "just as a fan" (i think it was aaron douglas) & i bet that he didn't have to stand in line for 3 hours. <_<
i bet he didn't either