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Saturday, September 19, 2009

five things #87

Five times Daniel wore Jack's baseball cap

1. on P8X-620 when daniel went to negotiate with the village elders for the use of a herb that the doctors at the SGC thought was good for migraines. men had to have their heads covered indoors & daniel had lost his boonie, so jack handed over his cap.

2. on the world jack nicknamed redwoods because of it's forests of giant trees, sg-1 had split into 2 groups of 2. at that moment a group of birds in the tree they were under took a bathroom break. daniel hadn't worn his boonie or bandanna, so jack slapped his cap on him & pulled up the hood of his own jacket.

3. on P2A-842 jack had badly sprained his ankle. teal'c had made a pair of crutches out of some tree limbs & jack couldn't carry his gear. daniel took most of it. since jack had already hobbled away & daniel's hands were full, he put jack's cap on top of his bandanna and went after the others.

4. once after the SGC memorial day BBQ it started raining. daniel's head was bandaged after a recent off-world mishap, so jack told him to take his cap to keep the bandages dry.

5. after sampling a local drink on one world daniel got it into his head to do an impression of jack around the team's campfire that night. taking his cap & doing a rant about missing memos, the asgard, the NID & the goa'uld. which jack didn't find funny at all; but amused teal'c, caused sam to sprain something holding in her laughter, & daniel to think it was a dream in the morning.

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