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Monday, September 14, 2009

d-con report; day 4

we decided to check out the dealer's room in the marriott early before any crowds went in. we were hanging out in the hall & someone from the staff told us to line up outside. before that were ended up wandering over to froggy's photo area (i think it was them) the photo pick-up area was just a bunch of tables outside their room! anyone could come by, take the photos & photoshop themselves in later.
there was nothing that really interested us & my brother heavily hinted at a dealer that their anime DVDs were bootleg, so that encouraged me to get us out & head to the trek guest stars panel. on the way through the marriott lobby, near the starbucks, i see malcom mcdowell having coffee at this bar-thing they have set up. i pointed him out to my brother (by muttering out of the corner of my mouth), who pretended to check out something in the gift shop to confirm that it was him. on the way out my brother said; "i'm jealous, you got to see 3 famous people." i said; "it was more like 2 1/2, because i only saw that one guy from the back."
well at least not all of my "celebrity encounters" happened near the ladies room.

so we get there & get good seats. the trek track director is announcing everyone; louise fletcher (kai winn) bonita fiedericy (rooney/borg in an ENT episode & john billingsley's wife) richard heard (tom paris' father) alan ruck (captain harriman) dwight schultz (barclay) and just before he announces the last guest, kate vernon (valerie archer/a member of species 8472) he says that they have an addition to the lineup, so new that he doesn't have an official paper, just a scrap that someone wrote on. then he goes on to announce malcom mcdowell! i was like; i just saw that dude having coffee! so i was way more excited than i should've been.
fletcher talked about winn & that she did only like 11 episodes. during one of her answers mcdowell turned to her & said: "you were on DS9?! my nephew was on that." she asked what part he played. he said; "i don't recall what part he played." she asked his name. he said he couldn't recall his professional name, but he's "sid el fadil." that got applause & he said to the audience; "i get applause for being his uncle?" he mentioned that the food was good for star trek: generations, but the pay was bad. he's also glad to be known as the guy who killed kirk. schultz talked about being a movie with whoopi goldberg (who was on TNG at the time) & mentioned that he was a trek fan. much later his agent said he's got job that he doesn't have to audition for. he got the TNG script & was so excited, thinking he'd be an alien and found out that he was a human nerd. he also said that he was only suppose to do one episode, but fan reaction brought him back.
later we saw john billingsley & anthony montgomery, who were funny together. billingsley talked how he's often cast as a doctor & never has any idea what's he's talking about.
afterwards was garrett wang. normally they clear the room between panels, but since there weren't too man there, were were allowed to stay & moved up several rows. wang was a riot! he talked about how the writers thought his character, ensign kim, was chinese. (he's korean) if you pay attention to VOY he's often spouting chinese sayings. (since we're rewatching that, we'll have to keep it in mind)
after that we went to the "closing ceremonies" for the stargate track. i don't recommend going unless you're planing on coming the next year & have suggestions/complaints. or have nothing else to do, like we did.
that was the last thing of the convention (nothing after 5 there) some would argue that there's noting going on the last day, but got to see 3 good things (1 so-so) so i recommend, if you can afford the time & money, to stay the full 4 days. sure there's fewer things to see and not many people roaming the hotels, you might find a gem or 2.

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