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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

dragon con pics!

my brother finaly worked on the d-con pics!

sadly the nimoy/shatner & friday's sg-1 panel didn't turn out. so-so camera + crap seats = bad pictures

i direct you here & here for shatner/nimoy pics

i direct you to here, here, here & here for the cunningham/jones/browder sg-1 panel

now here are some of my pics from dragon con (click on the pics to make larger)

dragon con '09

patrick stewart's saturday talk with james cawley (kirk in the internet trek fan series. star trek: phase 2)

these were taken from the big screnes they have set up. tht's why they're kind of fuzzy

dragon con '09

claudia black & ben browder from sunday's "supergate" panel. i think it is during the question of who she enjoyed beating up more, him or shanks. he tried to make it a question of who was the better kisser, him or shanks. she changed the subject. if i recall.

dragon con '09

CB at the same panel

dragon con '09

joe flanigan at the same panel

dragon con '09

paul mcgillion, same panel

other pics are being worked on. please bear with us.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do you watch Sanctuary at all?

I am a big fan of Amanda Tapping and the season finally has Paul McGilion guest starring.

A while back she also had Shanks on the show too.