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Sunday, September 13, 2009

d-con report; day 3

we used some of the $5 vouchers that the hotel gives out for not having fresh sheets & towels (it's an environment thing) at the westin starbucks for breakfast (hot tea and pastries) & burnt our tongues on our hot tea.
got bottles of coke at great wraps to help combat ingestion & sooth burnt tongues. the line for mulgrew didn't start yet so we went to the con suite. my brother had the last of the scrambled eggs & bacon. i snagged a cinnamon bun (from krispy kream). i saw them put out pocky, told my brother who pounced on it.
we get in line about an hour before the mulgrew talk. near the front of the line for once. when she came out hardly anyone was standing up to applaud & i said; "stand up people, she's the captain!" she did an nice Q & A. she talked about giving blood next to this young woman dressed as a butterfly who was nervous about giving blood for the first time. the two women who were helping her (both irish) by saying; (imagine irish accents)

lady-1: "i understand one of the captains is giving her own platelets."
lady-2: "which one was that?"
lady-1: "you know, the one who got lost in the part of space that no one has ever heard of."
lady-2: "what was her name? mary? mary-kate?"
lady-1: "no it was jane something"
then mulgrew turns to them & says in that voice of her's; "you mean captain janeway?!"
lady-2: "sweet Jesus! it's the lady herself!"

she didn't get many questions about star trek (which disappointed my brother) but said that her dream role was cleopatra & she might have an opportunity to play her on stage, but needs a good actor for anthony. i thought; what's pierce brosnan doing? his first gig in america was a tv movie called the manions of america with kate mulgrew. i think it would be a good match-up.
then we wet to the "supergate" stargate panel (flanigan/luttrell/black/browder/mcgillion/momoa) . the line was long & outside. so we went briefly to the dealer's room. when we came back for it we got a bit confused on where the panel was because of where the line was. we finally got in late in the back & came in just in time to hear browder's dustin hoffman story, mcgillion's encounter with alice cooper (he's a fan of SGA) & how momoa makes a stink bomb: go into a co-star's trailer, turn the heat all the way up, flush the toilet until there's no water left in the reserve tank, have a big bowel movement & leave. black said that she didn't need to know that. neither did i. flanigan says to send in bottled water to the TPTB over the cancellation of SGA. i say save your time & money. that ship has sailed (& sank). you'd be better off sending food to a food bank and it helps your karma too.
afterwards my brother & i headed for the restrooms and agreed to meet in the con suite. about 10 feet to the right of the ladies' room is a door for hotel staff only, it opens & paul mcgillion comes out with his handler and they go past, either to the men's room or the charity auction he was hosting. i'm not sure witch. on the way out of the ladies' room i see the back of joe flanigan as he walks by to the hotel staff door (i presume it was him. that hair is fairly unmistakable) & his handler (a man or a large woman) shoves him in the back with both hands! that was uncalled for, he was walking along at a good rate. i hope he gave him/her a piece of his mind later.
some people have their "celebrity encounters" in a bar or an elevator, i have mine near the ladies' room. *rollseyes*

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