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Thursday, September 10, 2009

d-con report; day 1

since the shatner/nimoy show was the first thing we ate some of our snacks for breakfast & headed over there. it was about 8:30, but they alowed people to go in. we got to see the first ever d-con late show at 9 ("late" because people stay up partying) saw, but didn't hear much because of people talking. nimoy & shatner were great! the term "old married couple" comes to mind (slashers; no need to comment) apparently shatner & george takei are fighting about something (just what they didn't go in to. shatner has been with priceline for 11 years.they were funny & should take their act on the road. (shatner might be hassled for making fun of someone's southern accent though) they only answered a couple of questions but i didn't mind. took many pics & hope they will turn out & be posted some time.
brother & i went to check out the olympic park then went to the world of coke. not really worth the $15 to get in, but you get to taste soda-pop from around the world. i strongly recommend avoiding something called beverly. nasty stuff.
we missed 15 great moments in stargate (didn't seem all that good anyway) for WOC, but got in to the sg-1 panel (browder/jones/cunningham) not that many people there (i'm sure if shanks was there with would've been packed) they got questions about browder replacing RDA, they're fave episodes & inconsistencies in uniforms. they talked about how hard it is for an actor to get work & sometime the only thing you can do is change the font on your resume.

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George Takei was never a Shatner fan. In fact have been to 2 cons years ago where he loudly and firmly expressed his lack of respect for him. Their newest is about the "invitation" to George's wedding when Shatner publicly said he wasn't given; George says he was and just doing publicity stunt at his expense. I believe George.