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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

food on the road 2

once again i take a page from joseph mallozzi's blog & took pics of (most of) the food we had in atlanta.

day 1's lunch at quiznos. my brother's honey cured ham & swiss on wheat with BBQ chips. he wasn't impressed, thought subway & one of our local convience stores did better.

my honey mustard chicken on white with cheddar sun chips . i had the same thoughts as my brother.

day 2's dinner was from great wraps (ate it before we thought to take pics) they weren't so "great." these are original orange julius-es. not half as good as we remember. just orange juice, ice & milk.

breakfast on day 3 my brother's cheese danish & vanilla rooibos tea latte he didn't care too much for the tea & thought the danish to be so-so.

my earl grey tea latte & marble pound cake. the tea was way too hot, but was OK once it cooled some. the pound cake was nothing great.

dinner on day 3 from starbucks. my turkey with pesto on the left, brother's ham & swiss on marble rye at right. i'm not a fan of pesto & the cranrasins they put in don't add anything IMHO. not bad, but not good either. brother though his sandwich to be so-so.

the drinks that we had with dinner; my iced green tea & his black tea. mine wasn't bad. his he thought to be so-so.

not pictured: the dairy queen sandwiches we had for lunch or the wraps that we had for dinner from chick-fil-a on day 4. the DQ sandwiches were so-so, but the wraps were way better than great wraps.

lunch on the day we left (tuesday the 8th) at the atlanta bread company at the airport. my brother's honey maple ham with provolone cheese. it comes on wheat with chips & a pickle spear. he thought it was better than quizno's. liked the pickle, didn't care for the chips.

my ABC special (turkey, ham, provolone & pepperconci) on a french baguette. pretty good, not a fan of the pepperconci. didn't think much of the chips or pickle.

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Anonymous said...

Tazo Awake is my absolute favorite!

All the food looks yummy.