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Friday, September 11, 2009

have book will travel--2

author dayton ward has this thing on his livejournal (a challenge if you will) to take one of his books out with you during your summer. i answered the call once again & took one with me to atlanta for dragon con. the book was the sky's the limit, edited by marco palmieri. which contains the dayton ward & kevin dilmore story acts of compassion (here after referred to as the book-2)

me holding the book-2 outside of the hard rock cafe. the book-2 didn't go in, it's more of an oldies & soft rock fan.

me again holding the book-2 by the olympic park. the book-2 not being a spoting-type was more interested in the park itself.

me once again holding the book-2 by the statatue of baron pierre de coubertin coubertuin the founder of the modern olympics.

the book-2 by the statue of john pemberton, the developer of coke, outside the world of coke.

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