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Saturday, September 12, 2009

d-con report; day 2

we got up early to check out the con suite at the hyatt (stopped in briefly the day before) & scored a doughnut. went to the UPS store to send out the 2 bottles of glass bottles of coke you get at the end of the WOC tour. brother wanted to wrap them up in our check-in luggage, but i feared breakage.
on the way to UPS we got caught behind people watching the parade. we caught glimpses of cathrine bach & john schneider (who knew that the dukes of hazzard was sci-fi/fantasy?) a platoon of ghostbusters, the harpies (an all girl quiddich team) lou ferrigno, a mad max group with that car thing with 2 guys (dummies) tied to the front, i think it was richard hatch with the BSG contingent & the 501 stormtroopers groop who brought up the rear.

afterward we got in line for the partrick stewart talk. we were in the 3rd wrap-around line. some guy was yelling stuff through a megaphone over a balcony, but we couldn't hear. we began to wonder if there would be enough seats & thought we might have to go to his sunday talk. (good thing we didn't have to, i hear that line was a cluster frak) so after about 2 hours of waiting we got in (it started about a half hour late. i think it was because there was a big BSG panel that had to clear out) we got seats on the right side (i was on the isle) but they made everyone else in our row move. don't know why, no one asked us to so we stayed put.
so the show gets started & it's questions form the trek track director who messes up by saying that stewart has a sister (he has 2 brothers, i think) there was the guy who's kirk in the on-line star trek stuff. don't know why he was there, but mentioned that he worked in wardrobe during TNG's run (they had a sign that said; "take off your clothes & someone will be with you shortly." LOL!) he took the train down from new york to see something of the country because he's usually flying over it. he was surprised that atlanta has no train station to which people yelled out that sherman burned it. he said that he was glad that the english didn't, even though there were no trains then. it was about at this time that i noticed that people were running to the front to take pics. i though that i should, but my brother said no. i mustered up come courage & did a hunched run to the front & took about 6 shots. on the way back i thought i missed where my seat was, but found it. he talked about how the suits for the first two seasons were too tight & you had to stand up really straight, which messed up his neck and back & only a call from his doctor hinting at a lawsuit convinced TPTB to have them changed. it was a nice talk & we were planning on getting in the kate mulgrew line which was for the same place, but after standing in line for 2 hours we were just too wiped out & grabbed an early dinner and went back to our hotel.

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