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Monday, August 29, 2016

almond butter

always wanted to try this nut butter, but never wanted to invest in a jar in case we didn't like it. well wal-mart had a snack thing with a bit of almond butter & pretzel sticks, so brother & i got some to try.

first of all when you open it you're assaulted by the smell of ground almonds. second the oil separated out of the nut butter & it had to be stirred in, which wasn't easy because it was like stirring half-dried cement. the almond butter didn't taste great, so it was hardly worth the effort. we're really glad we didn't get a whole jar. and i suspect that cashew butter would be similar.

i wouldn't mind trying cookie butter though.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

dad's birthday '16

Your Birthday's Wisdom is Action
If there is one thing you've learned in life, it's get moving.
Procrastination just makes things so much worse. If you dream it, you do it.

You believe in going for it. And as a result, you've had success in many arenas.
You would rather regret what you did than regret what you were scared to do.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

mountain dew or don't

mountain dew brought back 2 flavors that people wanted. you can go on-line & vote for one to be a permanent flavor. the flavors are baja blast & pitch black. my brother wanted to try them so we got one bottle of each to split.

the baja blast kind of smells like bubble gum, but only on like every other sniff. it as a vague almost minty taste. it's supposed to taste like tropical-lime, but i didn't get that at all.

the pitch black is supposed to be grape, but i only got a vague grape flavor. which is better than the grape cough syrup flavor my brother read that other people said it tasted like.

while looking up how to spell these flavors i discovered that pitch black won the contest. but i can't imagine why anyone would want these flavors back. i rarely even drink mountan dew unless i'm at a restaurant that has only pepsi products & they don't have mug root beer.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


for some reason my brother got it in his head to have a pepperidge farm cake, but all wal-mart had was coconut. we got it anyway, despite the fact that i don't like coconut. (the the lure of the cake was too strong.) it's was pretty good, but smaller than it used to be.

we also got a 4-flavor (where they have sections of 4 different cakes) wal-mart bakery cake. it is carrot, red velvet, german chocolate & chocolate. it's ok, kind of dry, as most wal-mart bakery cakes seems to be. the worst wal-mart bakery cake we had was come kind of multi-color "blast" cake. not only was it dry as dust, it broke down into crumbs the moment you cut it.

i don't know how they can keep selling it. it must be bought by people who never had one before & then never get it again. or by people with very low cake standards.

Friday, August 05, 2016

the heat of summer

it's either in the 90s or close to it all of the time. and humid as well.

this makes thunder storms more likely. which you'd think would cool tings off, but just increase the humidity. bleck!