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Saturday, August 20, 2016

mountain dew or don't

mountain dew brought back 2 flavors that people wanted. you can go on-line & vote for one to be a permanent flavor. the flavors are baja blast & pitch black. my brother wanted to try them so we got one bottle of each to split.

the baja blast kind of smells like bubble gum, but only on like every other sniff. it as a vague almost minty taste. it's supposed to taste like tropical-lime, but i didn't get that at all.

the pitch black is supposed to be grape, but i only got a vague grape flavor. which is better than the grape cough syrup flavor my brother read that other people said it tasted like.

while looking up how to spell these flavors i discovered that pitch black won the contest. but i can't imagine why anyone would want these flavors back. i rarely even drink mountan dew unless i'm at a restaurant that has only pepsi products & they don't have mug root beer.

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