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Thursday, August 11, 2016


for some reason my brother got it in his head to have a pepperidge farm cake, but all wal-mart had was coconut. we got it anyway, despite the fact that i don't like coconut. (the the lure of the cake was too strong.) it's was pretty good, but smaller than it used to be.

we also got a 4-flavor (where they have sections of 4 different cakes) wal-mart bakery cake. it is carrot, red velvet, german chocolate & chocolate. it's ok, kind of dry, as most wal-mart bakery cakes seems to be. the worst wal-mart bakery cake we had was come kind of multi-color "blast" cake. not only was it dry as dust, it broke down into crumbs the moment you cut it.

i don't know how they can keep selling it. it must be bought by people who never had one before & then never get it again. or by people with very low cake standards.

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