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Sunday, December 06, 2009

five things #93

Five times Janet was rendered completely speechless.

1. the first time cassie had made a gift for her. it was just a card made out of construction paper that read; "happy birthday mom" it was the first time she called her mom too.

2. when her husband asked for a divorce. she knew that it was coming for a while, but when he just blurted out; "i want a divorce." as she walked in the door after a long day, it stunned her for a moment.

3. when jack and daniel confessed that they were in love with her at the same time. they were under the influence of some alien virus then.

4. when a new recruit on SG-12 said he thought that he was pregnant after coming back from his first off-world mission. it turned out to be a mild stomach virus.

5. when she found out about the stargate. she had always dismissed sci-fi as "silly," but here was something right out of one of those stories & she was, in a small way, going to be a part of it.

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