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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

five things #92

Five times Daniel lied about a translation.

1. daniel looked at the tablet on the lab table & sighed. he'd been going over it for a hour & it was all in baby-talk! ma-ma, da-da, ga-ga, ca-ca, he'd never seen anything like it. "anything about the ori on that jackson?" mitchell asked from the doorway. daniel wasn't even sure what it was about. "no, sorry." daniel told him.

2. daniel stared at the obelisk, shading his eyes from the sun. they will come from across....the sky driving the serpents before them. he mentally translated. the silvered-haired one who....leads them, the woman with sun-kissed hair who's intelligence matches her beauty, the scholar who's vision is impaired, but will....see father than any other & the dark-skinned warrior who is marked with an emblem of gold. sounds familiar, too familiar. daniel thought. "well, anything interesting?" jack wondered. " says that that goa'uld will be defeated." daniel said. "cool. does it say how?" jack asked.

3. it seemed to be a love story. girl meets boy, girl & boy go on adventures, girl saves, boy, boy saves girl, and after many trials they fall in love. it was written like a bad romance novel, not that daniel ever read one. he wondered why anyone bothered to scratch it on a temple wall. it didn't seem to be a legend or even a fable. "find something?" sam asked, walking up behind him & shining her flashlight's beam on the wall. "just graffiti." he said.

4. it's a bunch of nonsense words arranged in to form a poem. daniel thought after studying the rubbings he'd done of the glyphs teal'c had discovered on a fallen pillar. it reminded him of jabberwocky. "something of importance daniel jackson?" teal'c asked. "ah....i need to consult some reference books back in my office, but it seems to be just a inventory of a harvest." daniel told him.

5. the urn was mostly intact, a rare find in this area where earthquakes were common. it took daniel several moments to translate the rune-like graphemes, but as near as he could figure it was a listing of the urn's contents. small gold figures, necklaces, bracelets, loose gems & a diadem. it also said that this was number 65 of.... that part was broken away. suddenly someone came up, blocking the sun & making it harder for daniel to read any more. "so, was my source right? is there treasure here?" vala demanded to know. daniel caught a gleam in her eye that made him wonder if she was looking for praise or to make off with whatever was found. "just foodstuffs." daniel informed her, gesturing at the urn. vala pouted & went to see what sam was doing.

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hindustar said...

This is my favorite 5 things so far! :)