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Saturday, October 18, 2008

saw indiana jones 4


well first of all that damn kid is his offspring. *rollseyes* if you saw the young indiana jones chronicles (& judging by the ratings you probably didn't) older (90-ish) indy would often set up the story and in one of them he had a grandkid. so he had to have had an offspring at some point.
the whole alien thing was a WTF, IMHO. it was borrowed from an sg-1 episode, couldn't they come up with a better idea after 20 years? *raises an eyebrow at george lucas*
most of the movie had an odd tint to it, especially the beginning. my brother said they must've been going for a comic book look.
blanchett(sp?) was good as the baddie. evil, without being over the top. again IMHO.
i was wondering how they'd top the snakes of the first one, the bugs of the second one & the rats of the third. it was ants. BIG, hungry ants. *twitches* my brother said they might have been bullet ants. which, strangely enough, he was talking about the other day.
there was an interesting brief look at the arc from the first movie in the warehouse. which my brother called "a special guest appearance." there were also nods to the young indy series.
i heard that this movie didn't go over well in peru, where the climax of the movie took place. neither my brother or myself see anything objectionable in regards to the country or the locals. *shrugs*
at the end i thought they were going to do a "passing of the torch" thing to his kid & almost passed out in relief when they didn't. *cheers*
overall, not bad. it's not a waste of money or time.

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