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Monday, July 21, 2008

five things #47

Five things Jack O'Neill's clone decided to do differently in his life this time around.

1. he seized opportunities. when some of his friends wanted to backpack through europe the summer before college he didn't hesitate to join them.
2. he decided to wait until he was 21 to start drinking beer. he didn't want to get into any of the trouble that he did in his "other life" when he started at 16. of course he wouldn't have any of the fun either, but he thought it was a good trade-off.
3. he was more selective about who he dated. before he'd ask women out because they were hot, only to have most of them turn out to be some kind of lunatic.
4. he read more books. they were mostly star trek novels, but a book is a book.
5. he chose a different career; airline pilot. he got to travel the world with the bonus of cute stewardess.

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