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Friday, November 21, 2008

president geek

in regards to the alleged geekness of the next president, someone on life journal did a list of things that are similar to those chuck noris things about why he's "so cool."
the list.

someone added one in the comments;
Obama's sex scandal won't involve a cigar, if he has an affair with an intern it will involve cosplay.

(for those who don't know; cosplay is short for costume play. basically dressing um in a costume of a character from a movie, comic book/graphic novel or tv show & perhaps acting like said character. done mostly at conventions)

when i read that out to my brother, responded like a reporter would; "could you tell us why she was dressed like a cat-girl?" (a cat-girl is more or less just that; a girl with cat ears & tail and sometimes acts like a cat. found in some anime stories)

well, for some reason that amused the hell out of me. i totally LMAO to the point where i could barely breathe and my brother thought that i was going to wet myself.

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