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Monday, November 10, 2008

five things #59

5 ways Daniel ends up in prison.

not sure if all of these warrant going to prison, maybe just jail

1. on the planet that jack nicknamed "politically correct" who knew it was considered sexual harassment to complement their host's wife on her dress?

2. he once painted horns on kinsey campaign posters.

3. the rest of sg-1 busted daniel out of confinement on P4-856 for "grave robing" when he investigated some local ruins.

4. all of those unpaid parking tickets he got going to various lectures, meetings & libraries for research.

5. the night that cassie turned 17 her boyfriend didn't take "no" for an answer. she got away thanks to self-defence moves jack & teal'c taught her. daniel went to see him with a tire iron looking to bash his head in, but the jerk wasn't home. so daniel settled for bashing the windows, headlights & taillights of his 4x4 truck.

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