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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

questions & answers: Pt. 1

joseph mallozzi, writer/producer for stargate, has a blog. he sometimes has guest bloggers. he gathers questions from his readers & they answer.
i submited some questions of my own.
these were to janina gavankar (sgt. "dusty" mehra from the season 5 episode whispers)

Archer’s Angel writes: “1. who would you like to have a scene with on sga that you didn’t yet have one with?

1. Everyone else! Our episode felt like it’s own little show b/c the only regular characters were Shep and Carson, which was fun, but we missed the others.

2. what did you like about your character?

2. I loved that Dusty was a silent killer. All guts and glory.

3. if you wrote an episode that focused on your character what would it be called?

3. Hm. Oo! How bout a silent film-esque episode?? it would be called “…”

4. do you like sci-fi? if so, what sci-fi books, movies and tv shows do you like?”

4. I do like scifi! I love X-Files, Lost, (if you consider that scifi), BSG, of COURSE Stargate and all it’s permutations. I now love Neil Gaiman, but I grew up reading Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, and Michael Chrichton. I read Sphere waaaay too young. Scared the pants off me…. Wow… typing this makes me realize how much of a fan i REALLY am.

for more q & a; see the july 6 entry

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