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Friday, August 15, 2008

five things #51

Four times (not including alien influence) Jack and Daniel almost came to blows, and one time they did.

the 4 times they almost came to blows:
why won't you just tell me what you were talking about?" jack asked as he & daniel walked down the corridor with teal'c. it was the fifth time he asked since the time loop ended. daniel sighed. "it wasn't really that important." "i've been stuck in a time loop for God knows how long, humor me!" "jack, if you'd been paying attention before the loop got started you'd know what i was talking about." daniel said. jack clenched his fist and stepped towards daniel. teal'c lightly touched his arm. "i believe general hammond wished to see you colonel." he said. jack sighed loudly and walked away.

"you moved it! i can't believe you moved it!" daniel was yelling. "it's a device that could defeat the goa'uld that we've spent a month looking for on this godforsaken planet!" jack yelled back. "and you didn't even have the decency to take pictures of the other artifacts or even remember exactly where you found the freakin' thing!" daniel took off his boonie and threw it on the ground. he was tired of the military attitude that he kept running into during his two years with the sgc. sometimes there didn't seem to be any respect for what he was trying to do or even any for daniel himself. jack opened his mouth to say more. "jack, i swear if you say one more word i'll hit you right in the mouth." daniel told him and walked away.

"you're not going!" jack told daniel emphatically. "these people are going to destroy themselves!" daniel said, putting on his jacket and looking around the small cottage for his vest. "like with the kelownans?" jack asked. "yes, exactly." daniel said. "you can't save everyone daniel!" jack said, exasperated. "in this case i can try." daniel said quietly. "no! absolutely not! you just got back from being ascended. first you "died," then jonas joined the team, then you came back & he left. do you have any idea how much paperwork i had to fill out? not to mention the questions i had to answer when you "died." i'm not doing that again!" jack told him. daniel ignored him and started to leave. "sit down and stay there! or i'll knock you down and believe me if i do, you'll stay down for a long time daniel." jack informed him. daniel sat down without another word.

jack got a call about midnight from the bartender O'Malley's, daniel was there drinking & he was in no condition to drive home. jack arrived to find daniel trying to get his keys from the bartender. "i'm not as think as you drunk i am." daniel informed her. she rolled her eyes and gave jack the keys. "come on, spacemonkey. time to go home." jack informed his friend. daniel frowned. "i don't like tha' nicnom" he slurred. jack steered daniel out to the parking lot. "ssshe lovesss 'ou. sssshe won't look at-at me." daniel said and burped. "who?" jack asked. "you know who!" daniel said. jack sighed & said; "i don't know, if you don't tell me." "i'll fi-height 'ou fer 'er!" daniel said and took a swing at jack, who ducked, catching daniel as he stumbled. then he threw up, just missing jack's shoes. "ugh!" daniel said and spit a couple of times. jack hoped he wouldn't remember this in the morning.

the 1 time they did:
daniel shifted in his sleeping bag, he couldn't fall asleep no matter what. they were near the ruins of a large village on a world that resembled northern california 6 months after the sgc was formed. daniel hadn't made much headway with the translations on the obelisks he found, so jack decided they'd stay for a few days. teal'c and jack had gone to the gate to request that camping gear be sent through. when everything was unpacked, they found that one of the four tents had a hole that the repair kit couldn't cover & no one felt like hiking the 5 miles back to the gate to ask for another, so daniel & jack ended up sharing a tent.
daniel couldn't figure out why he wasn't falling asleep, he certainly was tired enough after digging and trying to translate all day. it was as if there was an old-fashion radio being tuned somewhere in his head. memories going around in his head randomly. daniel heard jack get up and go out. "jack?" he expected him to say that he heard something or he had to use the latrine, but jack said nothing. that raised red flags with daniel and without bothering to put on his glasses, he quickly shook out his boots, put them on and followed jack outside. "jack?" he whispered. "charlie?" jack said. daniel followed his gaze to the ruins where a glowing figure could be seen. jack started to walk towards it and daniel got in front of him. his eyes had a glazed look and daniel put his hands on his shoulders. "jack! whoever it is, whatever it is, it's not your son!" jack continued to walk forward despite daniel's efforts to push him back. damn, he's strong. daniel thought. "jack, snap out of it! Goddamn it!" before he realized it, daniel made a fist, hauled off and hit him square on the jaw. jack fell flat on his back. after a moment he sat up, holding his jaw. "daniel! what the hell are you doing?!" he demanded to know, then looked to the ruins. daniel looked too. the glowing figure was gone. "get the others, pack everything. we're leaving now." jack said.

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