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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

what were we thinking? (TV edition)

we've been renting various TV shows from netflix & some match up well to what we remember, others......not so much.
the not so much is moonlighting. i remember it as a quirky, romantic detective show. what we saw when we rented was a odd-ball, weirdo mess. we stopped after the first season and not even the promise of peierce brosnan as remington steel in a guest spot could induce us to watch any more. however you could see the chemistry between sheppard & willis, they practically smoked.
the things that do are: mangum p.i; murder she wrote; columbo; the golden girls; star trek (TOS & TNG); wild, wild, west. i don't remember seeing the perry mason TV series in reruns, but it's a good show IMHO. maybe macgyver & stargate: sg-1 should be added to the list at some point. *hint, hint*

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