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Monday, April 14, 2008

five things #40

Five episodes Martin Lloyd wrote for "Wormhole XTreme" that were rejected.

1. while on a mission the team becomes infected with a virus that turns them into primitive beings. the producers said the make-up would cost too much. and one called it a "silly idea."
2. a world's version of leonardo di vinci tricks dr. levant into switching bodies with him so he can have the life he believes he's owed. martin was told this would confuse the average viewer.
3. colonel danning is trapped off-world for 3 months when a landslide buries the gate. he eventuality adjusts to a slower way of life. "not that interesting." the producers said.
4. the command center is caught in a time loop. repeating the same day over and over, but two members of the team are the only ones to realize it. "groundhog day has been done to death." martin was told.
5. while the team is being perused by the enemy on a spaceship loaded with a dieing race's most advanced technology, stacy monroe creates "a world of their own in a bubble." where "one day is one minute to the outside world." she can't figure out how to get them out & they spend the next 60 years trapped there. slated to be the final episode of the series, martin was told "it's too depressing." and to "find a more up-beat ending for the series."

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