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Friday, April 25, 2008

five things #41

Five things members of SG-1 did after the apocalypse.

presume there's a new enemy & the stargate program has been made public

1. sg-1 had been in the thick of things, as would be expected. sam had been having a meeting with the director homeworld security when his office building outside of D.C. was hit. after the smoke cleared jack & sam were trapped in the office, jack's assistant had been in the reception area.
"general?! colonel?!" he called out. "we're here!" jack called back. "anyone hurt?" the man asked. jack and sam checked themselves out. "we're fine." sam told him. "how long to get us out?" jack asked. "i don't know sir. most of the ceiling came down out here and i smell smoke, so there's a fire somewhere...." the assistant told them. "see if you can get some help. we'll be fine." sam told him. they sat on the floor to wait.
30 minuets had passed and there was no sign of help. the building rumbled and some of the ceiling started to fall. sam & jack sat closer together on the floor. maybe we won't be fine. jack thought. he turned to sam and said: "i love you." she was slient for so long he was afraid she'd laugh or say it's too late. sam smiled and said: "i know." jack wanted to say something more profound, but then sam started kissing him and pulling at his clothes. so "profound" went out the window.
2. daniel wasn't on earth during the final battle took place. he was on atlantis researching through the Alterans's (ancient's) database for something that could help. after he heard the news daniel went into a depression. he wished he could've been there, but he was a scholar not warrior. it was the same argument daniel had with himself a thousand times before. after a few days he managed to pull himself out of his funk enough to realize that his life on earth was over. atlantis was his home now.
3. vala wasn't on earth either. she stole a goa'uld cargo ship, loaded it with what she could and ran. vala thought she'd be braver than that, but it didn't work out that way. she wondered if what she got from selling the cargo ship would ease her guilt.
4. mitchell had been flying a new X303 during the final battle. he got shot down somewhere over russia. as cam fought to control his descent he half-hoped he'd die this time. since last time the recovery was so difficult. when mitchell woke up in a hospital bed he found a nurse waiving a goa'uld healing device over him. she must be one of those who had naquadah injected to operate goa'uld technology. he thought. it wouldn't be so difficult this time.
5. teal'c didn't live to see the final battle. he was killed during the first strike. he went down fighting.

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