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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

five things #38

Five reasons for the falling-out between Landry and Lam.

1. he hurt her mother. not intentionality. it's just that she spent too many nights listing to her mother cry herself to sleep from loneliness & worry to readily forgive him.
2. when she was 17, by some miracle, they spent a whole summer together. it wasn't the magical bonding time either envisioned. he rented a cabin near some podunk town & expected her to go birdwatching with him. if she never heard "when i was your age...." or "young lady...." again it would be too soon. the last straw was when she started sneaking out to see a 19 year old high school drop-out mechanic. he ended up taking her virginity during their last date.
3. when she started her education to become a doctor, he wanted her to go to his alma mater. three generations of landrys had gone so it was "good enough for her." she had no interest in competing with the memories of those generations. besides she wanted to go to a "party school."
4. when she turned 21 she decided to use her mother's maiden name. he pretended to be OK with it, but he was hurt & insulted.
5. she could never forgive him not being there. not for her 6th birthday party. not for her perfect attendance award for the 8th grade. not for her sweet 16 party. not for a dozen big things & a thousand little ones. just for not being there.

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