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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

five things #52

2 recurring dreams & 3 recurring nightmares janet fraiser has

dream #1:
janet's the new CMO on the enterprise nx-01 and her first patient is captain archer. he limps in and lays on his stomach on one of the bio-beds. "what's happened here?" she asks. "i was in engineering helping do maintenance on the warp engine when i backed up into an open tool cabinet door & cut myself on the corner." janet looks at a bloody spot on the back of his right thigh. "i see. i'm afraid you'll have to take off your coveralls captain." he does, revealing a medium blue tank top & briefs. janet decides it's her new favorite color.
she puts on gloves and examines the wound. "it's not bad." she informs the captain. after cleaning the wound and putting a couple of butterfly bandages on it, janet takes off her gloves and resists giving archer a pat on the butt. "all done. keep it dry & clean for the next few days and it should be fine. if there's any problems, come see me." she tells him. "thanks doc." archer says with a smile that makes janets heart flutter.
dream #2:
janet's just been awarded the nobel prize for medicine. as she makes her speech, janet looks out to the front row. all her friends are there, including sg-1, jonas quin, cassie with her new husband and even jack came from washington. afterwards when everyone gathers around to congratulate her, cassie whispers in janet's ear; "i'm so proud of you mom."

nightmare #1:
janet's in a large, abandoned house that she had just seen cassie go in to. once inside she finds a long hall with dozens of doors leading of of it. she opens the first door to reveal a empty, dusty room. after finding several rooms similar to this janet decides to call her daughter. "cassie!" "mommy?" is the response. she never calls me that. unless she's sick, tired or.... scared. janet starts running now, throwing open doors and continueing to call for cassie, there's no further responce. the last door reveals another hall with doors. after looking through all of them, she finds yet another hall with doors. suddenly a gunshot rings out. "CASSIE!"
janet wakes up yelling.
nightmare #2:
janet's in the sgc infirmary when dozens of wounded from a goa'uld ambush start pouring in. the nurses start to call out injuries. "shrapnel wound!" "burn from a staff blast!" "broken leg!" suddenly she's all alone with the wounded who are moaning in pain and crying out for help. janet's covered in blood rushing from person to person trying her best to help them. "i can't do this myself." she says and starts to cry.
janet wakes up with tears on her face.
nightmare #3:
janet's off-world treating a wounded sg team member that's too injured to move unless he's stabilized. she's working frantically under heavy fire when she's hit with a staff blast. "stay with me janet!" jack tells her. sometimes it's sam, teal'c or daniel. other times it's jonas or, oddly, kawalsky who's with janet begging her to "hold on!" janet knows it's bad and tries to tell whoever it is what to do, but she can't form the words. then everything goes black.
janet wakes up in a cold sweat.

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