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Saturday, May 17, 2008

five things #42

Five things Vala most regrets Qetesh did while occupying her.

1. the torture. it's necessary to keep them in line. qetesh told her. but why did she often do it in front of the victim's families?
2. the destruction of a planet. usually when the naquadah ran out. especially since the people were often still on it.
3. the rape. qetesh saw it as seduction, but the person didn't have a choice. it was "do or die."
4. the killing. usually it was if the person didn't please her in bed. other killings she had her first prime do.
5. the terror. she park her ship in orbit over a planet, unload the death gliders & grin as the planet's leaders begged for mercy. when she got tired of them "sniveling & wetting their pants" she'd threaten to come back and wipe them out for no reason they could figure out. then pack up and move on.

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