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Monday, May 19, 2008

we'll never make it on the food network

so my mother got it into her head to make rice crispy treats, but with melted chocolate rather than marshmallows. so she gets the giant box of r. crispies & a bag of chocolate chips. plus a big bag of mini marshmallows to make the regular ones.
in the we got to work greasing a 13x9 baking pan with butter. and following the directions, melted the butter & then all of the marshmallows in a large ceramic roasting pot in the microwave. we quickly stirred crispies, shoved the stuff in the baking ban. batch #1 complete.
for batch #2 butter & chocolate were melted and a goodly amount of crispies were added. a problem quickly appeared; not enough chocolate. PANIC! a quick trip to the store provided the solution in the form of more marshmallows and for some reason another bag of chocolate. the marshmallows were added and melted an put into another pan. with the result of a s'more like concoction. it was good. so we have a bag of chocolate & some leftover marshmallows. will there be a sequel?

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