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Friday, February 15, 2008

fan confessions: pt. 3

this one is about star wars.
  • in the middle of all that action/adventure was the love story of han & leia. it got snuck in when no one was looking. very sneaky mr. lucas
  • i never noticed how clean everyone/thing is in ROTJ until i read it somewhere. now i notice it all the time.
  • as much as i like the millennium falcon, it's an odd design. the cockpit is on the side of the front for crying out loud!
  • han shot first! i'll believe that until my dying day.
  • jar-jar could've been worse.
  • i liked the ewoks.
  • i liked the music they originally had at the end of ROTJ.
  • i didn't like the fact that the ending of the DVD version of ROTJ was changed it have young anikin instead of the old one. he was old when he died. they still had old ben & yoda.
  • the costumes for amadala in episode 1 were too much IMHO.
  • i wish the special editions had translations for the aliens & r2-d2

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