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Thursday, February 14, 2008

fan confessions: pt. 2

this is the star trek instalment, not doubt it will be a long one. as there are 5 series & 10 movies. these aren't going to be in series order, more of a stream of consciousness kind of thing.
  • i never thought that kirk & spock were so great. i'm starting to think that mccoy was though.
  • i'm glad that riker and troi got together. now that i think about it, they were my first ship.
  • the death scene in the wrath of khan still gets to me.
  • i got choked up when the enterprise was destroyed on the search for spock.
  • but i didn't too much when the enterprise-d was in generations. it wasn't the enterprise of my childhood.
  • i think that voyager was underappreciated.
  • i think that kes got the short end of the stick.
  • i wonder what would've happened with yar if crosby didn't quit TNG.
  • sometimes i think that DS9 was too heavy.
  • i didn't think that the search for spock, the final frontier, generations & insurrection were so bad.
  • i think if ENT had been delayed a year & had new people at the "helm," it could've went for the full 7 years.
  • i don't like nemsis & will never watch it again.
  • i hated the "big shoulder" look the romulans had in TNG & for a while in DS9.
  • i thought that wesley wasn't so bad.
  • i think that they made sisko "hawk in space" on the later seasons of DS9. he even had the same look.

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