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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

five things #36

Five conversations Mitchell and Jack never had.

*warning! character death*

over beers;
"general um, jack. i don't know if you two have a understanding or'd like to ask out sam sometime."
over the phone;
"yes general, i know it's been 6 months since daniel's been taken by adria." "no sir, still no sign of him. um....the reason i called is to say that general landry, under pressure from the I.O.A., has disbanded the search...."
in mitchell's hospital room (after he was shot down over antarctica);
"i'm sorry mitchell, despite all of the strings i've pulled, i can't get you the leadership of sg-1"
in the sgc cafeteria;
"i know they said it was a joke, but i have to know....are you my father?"
on PX4-037 under heavy fire;
"hold on, general. i want to see how bad you're hit." mitchell pulled back jack's bloody shirt. his right side looked like hamburger. why did he want to come on this mission anyway? cam wondered. and why did this mission, of all missions, go FUBAR? he leaned to sniff the wound & smelled bowel. damn!
"cameron?" jack rasped. "yes sir?" "i'm proud....of the job you've done....with sg-1." mitchell, who had opened his med kit & was pulling out gauze pads, muttered; "thanks." "tell....the others....that i'm proud of....them too." jack took a ragged breath. "tell sam....that i....i love her." "you can tell her yourself sir." mitchell told him, putting gauze pads on jack's wound, a futile effort. "i should've....told her....years ago...." jack took a shallow breath & let it out slowly. "general?....jack?!" shit!

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