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Friday, March 14, 2008

girls and (video) games

there's this community on live journal called fandomsecrets. it's like post secret, but it's secrets about tv shows, movies, books & the like. anyway one secret was that a female in a video game forum had to hide her gender because the males don't take females who are "gamers" seriously. they think they only play "girly" games or are looking for attention.
personally i was never into video games. i play the occasional sports game and i was really into tetris & dr. mario for some reason. i live vicariously through my brother's playing. i give advice along the lines of "RUN! JUMP! DUCK! LOOK OUT!" i offer suggestions that he rarely takes and when he does, he never rarely says thank you.
it's the same for sci-fi, no girls allowed. if they watch a show or movie, it's only because there's a "cute" guy in it.
for the record i've never watched a tv show or movie for a "cute" guy. take star trek for instance; i watched TOS when i was like 5 or 6 & had no interest in that sort of thing. i'm not sure why i like it frankly, but i did. even as i got older, i didn't find any cute guys in it. (although i now think the McCoy was "easy on the eyes") the same for TNG & DS9. as for VOY it wasn't until season 5 that i found paris to be "interesting." ENT is a different story. i was a fan of scott bakula's from quantum leap & it was STAR TREK.
i was about 5 or 6 for for voyagers! (sic), a tv show you've probaly never heard of, & it started my love for time travel.
for star wars. i was fascinated by this movie that everyone talked for years. i finally saw SW: an new hope on tv (with commercials) then a few years later i watched TESB & ROTJ back-to-back on cable. the last hour of which i had to pee so bad that i nearly passed out. i was like 10. it wasn't until later on i came to "appreciate" han solo.
stargate i'll freely admit i got into because of RDA (he was macgyver for crying out loud!) but if the stories weren't interesting i'm telling you right now i wouldn't have watched beyond the 3rd episode. it was later on that i found o'neill to be "interesting" & as for jackson, it wasn't until season 8.

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