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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

five thing #175

Five human customs Teal'c doesn't understand

 hugging as a greeting. teal'c sees nothing wrong with hugs, he likes hugs. if he knows the person well.

housewarming parties. is the idea for one to show off one's house? and you're often expected to give a gift of something for the house. when, very often, teal'c thinks the person has enough things.

teal'c doesn't understand most of the customs at weddings. "giving away the bride", the tossing of the bouquet/garter & the couple smashing cake in each others faces. daniel explains the historical significance of most things, but is kind of baffled by the cake thing himself.

he's a little fuzzy on the fine points of tipping. teal'c agrees that a little something extra should be given for good work, but doesn't understand why it should be a certain percent of a restaurant bill.

christening a ship. he understands that people want the ship to stay afloat & all the people who sail on her to be safe. but he thinks the champagne should be drunk by the people present, not smashed against the side of the vessel.

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