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Saturday, November 03, 2007

five things #15

Five times Daniel danced in front of his teammates.

1. in various tribal ceremonies on more planets than anyone wants to think about. sometimes half-naked.
2. once when urgo was in their heads. urgo didn't like the way daniel danced.
3. when machello took over daniel's body. of course sg-1 didn't know it wasn't "daniel" at the time.
4. when they went back to 1969. the night they had dinner with the hippies. which lead jack to think they put something in the food.
5. about 5 years after being stuck on the odyssey vala put together a party to take everyone's minds off of things. mitchell had made some "home brew" & daniel thought "what the hell" & had some. he danced to the motown music that vala had playing. he told everyone how much he loved them & missed jack. he told them it was his fault for bringing the ori to this galaxy & not finding a way to stop them. he cried after that & had to be put to bed. daniel didn't remember anything in the morning and no one ever, in all of those long, empty years, brought it up again. now teal'c is the the only one to remember and he will never say a word.

this is the only one from this set of "prompts"

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Anonymous said...

very good. the last one is so sad though