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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my 5 things prompts

so a while ago i submitted prompts for the 5 things site. of course i forgot most of them. but now they've been showing up in the lists. i will update the list as more come up.

5 TV shows that teal'c records so he never misses an episode (i did this one)

5 foods ____ can't stand (didn't do)

5 times ____ cried (didn't do)

Five times Daniel didn't ____ (i think this is mine, wish i wrote these down. didn't do)

Five times Sam & Jack ____ (didn't do)

Five things ____ said 100 times (built off of a moderator's suggestion. did this one)

five times ____ & ____ got lost (it think this is mine. didn't do)

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